Me and the Big Bad Wolf

When new girl, Ella, moves in to the little village of Clifton; everyone is weird- she feels that there is a dark secret no one is telling a secret only a lonely child's mind would think of. Trying to dig up the unspeakable she is distracted by Brad, the bad boy of the village; as she hangs 'round with Brad the secret seems so far away. Or is it...


3. Brad

We all got sent to Mr Tuck's office, once there we all sat on separate chairs; Danny beside me pleading at Ella-

''o'come on baby cakes i didn't mean it!'' he whined, she didn't say anything, she didn't do anything, all she was doing is sitting opposite me- All WE were doing is staring at each other, staring in each other.She started to giggle then, i don't know why , she just did. Her fingers twiddled her hair as she giggled, it was cute- then she stopped as she realized Danny was staring at her ripped shirt.That was it. It wasn't fair on her!      

''You know your problem you cant seem to gasp girls...d.o..n''' I said slowly so he could understand.Danny went silent. He looked disappointed like when a child finds out Santa isn't real.At that moment Mr Tuck called him in.

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