Me and the Big Bad Wolf

When new girl, Ella, moves in to the little village of Clifton; everyone is weird- she feels that there is a dark secret no one is telling a secret only a lonely child's mind would think of. Trying to dig up the unspeakable she is distracted by Brad, the bad boy of the village; as she hangs 'round with Brad the secret seems so far away. Or is it...


1. Brad

''Late AGAIN, Mr Neal,when will you learn?''Mr Shaw said as i entered the motionless room.

''That is what i come to school for isn't it sir or am i wasting my time coming?'' i said sarcastically.

By now there was a couple of oohhs and aahhs, 

''don't you play that game with me young man i kno..''  he stopped as Miss Edwards came in, unannounced with a young girl trailing behind her.

She was beautiful, rich blonde hair; deep blue eyes, blushed cheeks,and one of  most cutest of smiles, i've had a few crushes in my life time but this,this was different.

''Aahhs.. Miss Edwards who do we have here?'' sir asked,

''This is Miss Ella Chaplin she is new and i would kindly ask you all to look after her for a couple of weeks or at least until she feels comfortable in her new surroundings, is that clear?'' she replied,

''Yes'' everyone drowned.

All i could do was stare i was hypnotized  by those beautiful eyes... Until she met my gaze, staring at her, blood filled her cheeks as her eyelids fluttered. I took that as a sign to say she knows that i was looking and i turned to the window.

''Is there a seat anywhere aahh.. yes next to Danny.''sir pointed out.

Danny smiled and pulled out the chair next to him.



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