Killer Kiss

When you wake up in an alleyway, meet a rapist, discover a cut on your wrist that won’t go away, find weird thing about yourself, meet 1 amazing person leading to your soul mate when trying to find help? What Happens when all this happens to her? A 19 year old girl who is nicknamed 'Killer Kiss' for a reason not to be said yet.
Harry Styles and her meet in the most weird/horrifying way. When she experiences blackness, and wakes up, he's gone and no to be seen for 1 year. What is going on here?

Lyric was never normal. She was involved in a plane crash at the age 16, killing her father in the process, after living on an island for about 7 months she lost her mother and one of her little brothers. Once they were found they were separated. She lives with her Bff when this all happens.


5. Who am I now?


Aye so this Chapter will explain what her schedule is and her powers! and more(:...




Killer Kiss Chapter Five






I put my panda ear buds in my ears and walked down the cool streets of Alaska, looking out at the stars above me and seeing the northern nights make the horizon bright and colorful, bursting with joy and dance.

I reach my hand up hoping to touch just a bit of the colored air, but only to touch mist from the drizzle that was starting to come, fading the color out. I sigh as I touch the small whole in my wrist, where Anda believes I got my power.


It has been over a month since my last encounter with One Direction, I’ve gotten tweets and texts galore. They all were worried comments from Liam and his confused band mate Harry and asking why I won’t answer, blah blah blah.


Miranda and I have figured a lot about me. Every night at 7:45 PM I take off to Alaska for practice. We made a schedule, I’m going to try controlling my powers and figuring out how to use them and stop them. I truly wish I could talk to Liam or Harry, heck maybe even the other boys.

She told me I couldn’t get close to anyone, if they found out than I’d be experimented on.


My normal schedule now is easy, only 2 different schedules on the same days every week.



Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays~


Wake up 8:20-8:50 AM and get ready for the day.

Time myself and run as fast as I can to Alaska and back over and over 9:00-10:00 AM

Shower and control the water in the shower 10:00-10:20 AM

Dry myself without a towel but with air (Which is really cold I may add) 10:20-10:25 AM

Re dress but have Miranda choose my work outfit and get all pretty 10:30-11:10 AM

Fly to work fast so I’m not seen 11:10-11:20 AM


Work at G6 a trampoline place from 11:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Go to the mall and get a milkshake, and spend the rest of the day being normal and then when I can; use other powers I haven’t practiced yet. 4:40 – 9:00 PM


Eat at 6:20 PM at the local diner that I work at part time. (Not on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday




Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays~


Do whatever I want all day on Friday.


Sat. and Sun. –


Wake up at any time but must be ready by 12:00 PM

Go to local diner from 12:30 – 3:30 PM

3:45 – 6:00 PM Eat a meal, and go hangout with the crew (Davis, Maria, Jace, Sara)

6:30 – 9:00 PM work at G6 then go to Alaska and to MY field and just relax then go home and sleep by 10:00 PM




This is my schedule I’ve had since I got back from California and found out all my powers.


1.       Speed

2.       Flight

3.       Water control

4.       Gravitation

5.       Stretch

6.       Hold breath

7.       Talk to animals

8.       Read minds and emotions, only can once every 7 minutes

That’s all so far.


Personally this all scares me but it is amazing! I have to find a way to use it for money since I got kicked out of College… Yeah.






Harry’s Point Of View (After Lyric had just left)~


I stood there shocked, pinned to the floor with my eyes bulged, everyone looked at my expectantly.


They wanted to know why she said; “ASSWHOLES! You don’t eavesdrop on important conversations! Liam text me, Niall nice meeting you, Zayn your still Quiffy to me, Stripey- try something other than stripes? Like polka dots? And Harry, nice seeing you again.” But mainly; and Harry, nice seeing you again.


I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?! I grabbed at my curls, groaned and pulled in frustration… She didn’t die? I could know that voice anywhere except this time it wasn’t innocent and scared. It was almost mad?

I stormed up the stairs she had just went down and slammed my bedroom door shut, waiting about 3 minutes before Liam’s ever so familiar knock sounded on my maroon door.

"Lad why is she bothering you? Do you know her?" Liam said sincerely.

"I know her, she's the girl I told you about last night." Liam gaped at me and then just walked out of the room to who knows where.





Hey Guys? Did you enjoy? I hope so! I liked this so you had a feel of what Lyric has been doing and stuffffff! I thought you should know so your not confused if I say she walked down to her normal job or blah blah :P

So. Yeah!


Can't wait till next chapter?


Here's a bit that will go on?


Harry goes on a look for Lyric and something happens to him…



Yurple! I want to thank you all for being Sexy beasts like myself *Flips hair* also please comment your thoughts?! VOTE AND FAN TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!




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