Killer Kiss

When you wake up in an alleyway, meet a rapist, discover a cut on your wrist that won’t go away, find weird thing about yourself, meet 1 amazing person leading to your soul mate when trying to find help? What Happens when all this happens to her? A 19 year old girl who is nicknamed 'Killer Kiss' for a reason not to be said yet.
Harry Styles and her meet in the most weird/horrifying way. When she experiences blackness, and wakes up, he's gone and no to be seen for 1 year. What is going on here?

Lyric was never normal. She was involved in a plane crash at the age 16, killing her father in the process, after living on an island for about 7 months she lost her mother and one of her little brothers. Once they were found they were separated. She lives with her Bff when this all happens.


7. He knows, and slumber Partayyy

WARNING!: Bad language used,

This is not recommended for kids.



Killer Kiss Chapter 7




I felt a warm sensation run throughout my body as he hugged me close to his, as if I would turn into midair any second. I looked him in the eyes and he had tears brimming them, “I th-though you died” he stutters, “You can’t get rid of me that easily… *whispers* literally” I reply sweetly. “What was that end?” he asked confused.


“Nothing you need to worry about…” I said bititng my lips at how bad I was at keeping secrets. “Liar” I heard coughs from all the boys, “and how would you know?” I asked genuinely confused. “We kinda went searching for you and know a lot about you…” Liam said scratching his head. I want to hug the man. And so I did.

I ran at Liam full speed, as a regular girl well at least trying to look it and tackled him, hugging him once he lay on the ground laughing. “I missed my punching bag” I winked at Payne. “I see you haven’t changed, my stomach is good but I have a scar… it looks like an L so I call it my Lyric scar” he winked back.


“He said if you guys become even closer friends he will put a tattoo of your name and a quote of you above it.” Niall says aloud, Payne blushes. Oh boy.

I smile at this though.


“I know we only knew each other for about a day but we became fast friends, I love ya man!” I yell helping him up giving him a man hug, I whisper in his ear as he laughs, “man hugs are awkward” he then burst out laughing as everyone else stays confuzzled.

“How long are you staying?” Harry asks, “Well I practically live 5 minutes away-…” he didn’t let me finish because the boys start cheering. “Then you can stay the night! SLUMBER PARTYYYYYYYYYY!” Louis yells as he grabs my hand haling me inside their house.


We sit around the carpet on the floor and take out an empty beer bottle… they would. “wait what about all my stuff?” I ask feeling a bit unsure. “You can use my girlfriends extra stuff she leaves here.” Louis smiles at me, I smile back. I then realize it’s already 10:54 PM wow.





We all sit around the bottle once again, this time in our pajamas or in my case; Eleanor’s. I’m wearing a grey 4 finger tank top that says ‘Live Love’ in pink with a hello kitty, this is matched with short shorts that match the lettering’s color from the tank, and they also have hello kitty. Their kind of like mine at home! I and el would get along…

Wait I shouldn’t think this it’s not like I’m dating any of them.

That thought makes me frown… “Hey what is a wrong babes?” Harry asks, I shrug and get cozy on their red carpet.


Zayn spins the bottle and it lands on Louis.

“Truth or dare Lou?” Zayn asks

“Dare for the dare master from Doncaster!”

Liam mumbles something along the lines of ‘You say that about everything’.


“I dare you to put nutella on Niall’s toes and eat it ALL off!” Niall’s face shows disgust as does Louis, but he does his dare, of course with the audience of a camera.


“MY TURN!” Lou yells spinning the bottle, it lands on Liam.

“Li Li! Truth or………….. or………….. or…………………or………”

“Or dare” I finish making Louis frown. Win!


“Truth please” Mr. Payne asks.

“Why did your turtle die? The truth. Don’t say my cougar ate him again.” Louis snaps trying to hold his laugh.

“*Sigh* Harry thought turtles could fly, like turtle doves…” everyone falls into laughter…

Liam spins and it lands on… Harry.


“HarBear T or D?” Li asks.

“Dare.” Harry says with confidence. Liam’s next words give me more butterflies. Shit.

“I dare you to make out with Lyric in the bathroom.”


Harry doesn’t argue, he takes my confuzzled little hand in his and drags me to the bathroom. What’s happening…

Harry places me in the bathroom, locks the door and does NOT turn the lights on, he pushes me against the wall and instantly places his lips on mine, placing pressure as his hands run along my hips. I wrap my arms around his neck tugging the curls as I kiss his rough lips back.


I can’t believe he just went right in, and whoa. I think I like Harry again… NO! FEELINGS MUST NOT RESURFACE! I’m not even supposed to be here.

We stop kissing, as I pull back. His lips hover over mine and I can see his smirk in the dark. “Lyric helping you that night was my best decision.” I smile again and we walk out of the bathroom, sit and act like nothing happened.


It’s not awkward but the boys are smirking and wriggling their eyebrows. They may even squirm off one day. Harry purposefully makes the bottle spin on me.


“Truth or Dare” he smirks

“Truth” I say with sweetness and evilness raised in my voice.



Shit. They all planned this!


“What was that phone call about?”


“I-I cannot say. Can we please move on?”


They don’t push it and we move on. Thank god.





Everyone is asleep but Louis and I. he gets up and I go with him to his room, he passes me a swim suit, I think another Eleanor item. “let’s go swim aye?” he asks then goes to the bathroom and changes as I change in his room.

We head out and sit by the pool, dark filling the air followed by chills. I get in the pool and it is freezing. Lou follows and we both jump out fast. We run to see we brought no towels and were locked out.

“What do we do?” Louis says as he shivers, I warm myself secretly by placing my hand on my leg, so the warmth shoots through me. I touch Louis and he is freezing. “Louis come ere’” he doesn’t argue but comes into my open arms.


I hold his freezing body to mine like a mother to a child. “How are you so warm?” Lou’s once tense now relaxed, color filled warm skinned body asks. “Louis’ can you keep a secret?” at first lou seems as if he’s excited about learning a ‘Little’ secret. He sees my expression and his turns serious.

We let go and sit on the cold floor, Louis shivers again and I place my hand on his leg and he warms. “What the fuck?” he asks partly scared.


“Louis this is serious, did Harry tell you about that night? *Louis nods* Well something got in my system, you can’t tell anyone about this. I don’t wanna be cut apart. Louis… I have powers.” Louis burst out laughing, tears brim my eyes that he thinks my curse is a joke. Yes curse.


“Wait your serious?” Tomlinson asks once he realizes my tears. I nod and his next questions are all about what are they? And prove it? And stuff. But the one that gets me is about the boys.







Hey Guys? Did you enjoy? I hope so! It was nice for Harry to get lip action I guess, but what about Louis finding out?...

So Yeah!


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Questions asks.

Promises made

Friends lost

Chicken nuggets eaten.


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