Killer Kiss

When you wake up in an alleyway, meet a rapist, discover a cut on your wrist that won’t go away, find weird thing about yourself, meet 1 amazing person leading to your soul mate when trying to find help? What Happens when all this happens to her? A 19 year old girl who is nicknamed 'Killer Kiss' for a reason not to be said yet.
Harry Styles and her meet in the most weird/horrifying way. When she experiences blackness, and wakes up, he's gone and no to be seen for 1 year. What is going on here?

Lyric was never normal. She was involved in a plane crash at the age 16, killing her father in the process, after living on an island for about 7 months she lost her mother and one of her little brothers. Once they were found they were separated. She lives with her Bff when this all happens.


11. Fighting crime, and Dream Or Life?

Killer Kiss Chapter 11



Lyric’s Point Of View



I rest my head in my hands and let the tears freely fall, creating an ocean around me. Anda starts to walk in and I think about closing the door and locking it before she can come in, and that’s exactly what happens as I stay sitting crying not silent at all.


“Babes, I’m sorry! What’s wrong now? I want to see how sexy you look in that outfit you go!” she shouts and I can tell she’s sadly smirking. “Anda he knows, Harry knows!” I yell and it’s quiet. I guess she realized not to talk to me at the moment.



Harry’s Point of View



I wake up with a towel on my head, wait what? I was in London… Talking to Lyric? I stand up confused and walk downstairs to see the boys all eating breakfast.

“Morning Harry” Niall says with his mouth full of food.

“Morning, guys I had the weirdest dream!”

“About?” Zayn questions, looking kinda sad? Hmm


“A girl… I saved her, left her, found her, kissed her, was saved by her, lost her, found her, and more. I fell in love with this girl in my dream, and then she said goodbye. But I-I-, I can still feel her lips on mine.


Is that normal?” now all the boys were frowning, I wonder what’s up?

“It was just a dream Hazza” Louis says, I can tell he’s uncomfortable as he gets up and clears his bowl.









Lyric’s Point of View




I hear a pitter patter.




Tap. Tap. Pat. Pitter. Tap. Patter. Tap.




Over and over. And over. And over. And ov-




 WHAT IS IT?! I stand up fed up and annoyed, still crying though. I walk to the window seat and sit down, looking down.


I’m startled when a rock is hurdled at the window, “SOMEONES ATTACKING! HELP HELP!” I yell screaming, that is until I hear his voice. “Just shut up and let me in alright?!” I could hear the chuckle in his voice. Harry.



“Harry why are you in London?”


“To see you”




“Lyric, I-I’m, I’m in love with you.”


“I think I’m in love with you too”





“Goodnight Harry.”

“Wait What?!”


I sigh as I freeze him, and then unthaw him. This makes him alive but asleep. I carry his body inside onto the couch and come up with a plan.

I put a hot wet towel on his head.


I call Lou and tell him what I’m doing. I’m sorry Harry but you can’t know. By now Lou told all the 1Dmembers but Harry, so they will all go along with it.


I’ll take him back to their place, and he will rest in his room, wake up, and think it was all a dream, meeting me and everything. It hurts because I love him, but I have to.

Over the next hour I kiss Harry’s sleeping body and leave him with the boys, they all take photos of me for a contact photo since I plan on never seeing any of them in person again. That thought scares me, but aye you got to face your fears right?








I lay restless in bed and then my watch beeps. Martin, Anda’s brother gave me a camera watch so when I’m needed it will flash or a message will.


It has been 1 day since I left one direction and I still haven’t left my room. Pathetic I know.


“Go to the neighborhood ‘Maria Hille’ and find the robber, he robbed multiple houses tonight, he wears a black outfit and white glasses.” It beeps as it flashes.

I quickly dress and take off to the destination, camera attached to my head so I can get it all on film and there’s camera’s above, they want to put some on television.


I quickly find the man and swoop down to him, standing infront.

“Well hello there sweetie” he was obviously drunk, he got out of the car and I could see from that moment all the top dollar things inside.


“Feel like having some fun? No not feel like. Come with me”

He grabs my hand and steam shows up, I made myself hot, he hops back a step grabbing his now burnt hand. “What the fuck?! GET IN THE CAR!”


“No” I say and do a front flip, kicking him in the stomach making him fall. We fight for about 30 seconds longer until he’s out cold on the floor. I call the police and they come.


“Thank you so much…” says Officer Randle.

“What do you call yourself?”

“Killer, Killer Kiss” I say.


Fans gather around the ropes tied up circling the man, car, me and the officers. Many greet me, take photos and much more. I fly away in a matter of seconds as someone reaches for my mask.




I get home and lay in bed thinking, will Harry remember me?



Harry’s Point of View~



“No I’m serious! She has to be real. She has to!” I yell at the idiotic 4.

I just woke up from bed and told them my amazing and horrifying dreams, they think I’m stupid; because I think it’s a sign. That she’s out there.


“Don’t be dumb Haz! It’s a dream!”Liam shouts suddenly grumpy and they all march upstairs, Louis confuses me though. He looks at me with a sad smile and whispers something along the lines of,




‘I seleeve Chew’ which doesn’t make sense, maybe he Believes me? Nahhh.





Louis Point of View




I feel so bad it hurts! IM LYING TO MY BESTFRIEND! WHAT KIND OF FRIEND DOES THAT?! A stupid one.


I turn on the TV and see Lyric on the screen fighting some guy, at the bottom it says; Just minutes ago. I’m proud that she took my advice.









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