Killer Kiss

When you wake up in an alleyway, meet a rapist, discover a cut on your wrist that won’t go away, find weird thing about yourself, meet 1 amazing person leading to your soul mate when trying to find help? What Happens when all this happens to her? A 19 year old girl who is nicknamed 'Killer Kiss' for a reason not to be said yet.
Harry Styles and her meet in the most weird/horrifying way. When she experiences blackness, and wakes up, he's gone and no to be seen for 1 year. What is going on here?

Lyric was never normal. She was involved in a plane crash at the age 16, killing her father in the process, after living on an island for about 7 months she lost her mother and one of her little brothers. Once they were found they were separated. She lives with her Bff when this all happens.


2. Alone and Confused






Chapter 2 Of Killer Kiss




September 3rd.


I wake up with a startle; I look to the side of me to make sure he is still there. He’s there just as he is every morning and night before bed. Lying beside me before bed and once I wake up he is at my side cuddles in like I will be leaving and he doesn’t wish me to go.


I wipe the sweat from my blond hair line, and recover from my fairytale nightmare I have been dreaming since that night.

I remember every moment perfectly, it still makes me break down into tears to this day.


I think, and the whole vision from my waking to now plays before my eyes…




I heard sniffling in the room all around me, I felt misplaced, lost, lonely, but how I truly feel is like it’s winter and all the leaves have left the apple tree except for me, I’m hanging and their all so close to me; on the floor.

I try to wriggle in the wind and fall into their open arms but the wind takes me to another place. A sidewalk. Kindergarteners walk along and balance on the beam on the edge nearest to the strictly car road. They see a man running and so they start running along me, crumpling my small fragile body even more, then I’m abandoned and will soon be discovered by a trash bag.



Yeah pretty harsh.


I try with all my might to peep my eye wholes open but they won’t give in. I feel power rush throughout my 5’4 body but still unable to open the small of my blue/grey eyes. It’s weird though, last night I can remember all the horrific events and the mesmerizing ones, like Harry and Todo; Trace.

I also remember now how I ended up there; it was a terrible experience where I have proved just how naive teenagers can be at a college party. I had been fine the whole night till Jonel came round’.


I was with Anda, or Miranda and then she came and teased us for not drinking. We took the heavy shots with the football players and other sorts of jocks. We were the life of the party. We decided to go clubbing and went down a similar alleyway to the one with the man.

There was a man with a gun and he was yelling at some woman, I punched him as the woman ran away, I don’t know why but I felt strong that night. The man didn’t like my behavior and tried running away but then a needle was put into me by accident, he panicked and said that was for him not me which was confuzzling.


I also remember Anda crying as I was passed out on the floor, the faint sound of yelling and to shut up and he would rid the body. Everything was black till I woke up in that alleyway far from the other on the Upper East Side.

Wait… Anda thinks I died probably? Will she remember any of this from the hangover? How long was I in that alley? How long have a been where I am now? Where exactly am I?



I finally am able to open my eyes to pear into a small hospital room, there is a beeping machine thing, a calendar and a table full of flowers, chocolate, and stuffed bears and other sorts of animals like a… turtle… OMFG IT’S A TOTUL! Yes totul. GIMME TOTUL!


I reach for the totul and hug it in my small arms, I’m average height but I look young which is good and bad.

At my sudden movements I realize how quiet the room is, all I also feel more power in my blood than ever. I sit up and finally look at the calendar, it’s September 3? WTF?! HOW WAS I NOT THERE ALL THAT TIME?! IM SO CUFUZZLED?! STUPID FREAKING SMALL MUSHROOMS! I say that when im confused, stressed, or pissed- I MEAN LIKE HOW IS THAT FUCREAKING POSSIBLE?!


HAVE I BEEN IN A COMA?! HOW THAT LONG? WHAT IS GOING ON?! I MEAN- RUMBLUISTGBHLIDKCBJ…I guess I’m hungry. I stand up from the hospital bed and change into a pair of shorts and tank top I find on the chair by me. I walk out of the room to the cafeteria and grab an apple. After taking the apple I sit at a table by a small familiar boy, and a familiar girl.

They look up to see me munching on my apple and their mouths drop. I notice that they are in fact my best friend since age 4 and the boy as of last night; trace and Miranda. Anda runs up, huge me then runs calling for the doctor as I sit confused.


Trace pokes my cheeks then realizes im not air and pulls his finger back looking at it in awe… wait what?

 I was in shock from their sacredness. Fucking scaredy-cat cunts. I like that phrase…  when someone’s a chicken I shall say that! YES I SHALL!

The docter came out and saw me and his jaw dropped, this is not my docter. Who the hell is this?! The apple in my hand was now shriveled up… how?... WHAT THE FREAKING FUCK?! Woah… I cussed a lot. “WHO IS THIS INSIDE OF ME!” I shouted as I pointed to myself. Everyone in the cafeteria looked at me as if I were mental.


“Don’t judge my sexy beastness! YOUR JUST JELLY! Now stop being just jelly and find some peanut butter to complete yourselves copes’?!” I said waving my arms in the air with frustration. It started getting windy and everyone was getting a little skeptical. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEEE?!

Stupid Small Mushrooms.


Suddenly I felt nervous, why exactly is everyone so shocked? What’s happened? I get up and charge to my room and the Doctor follows, making ToDo and Anda wait outside. “Doctor where is my origin Doctor, why am I here, why are you all so shocked? Why is the boy here? What happened after that night? Why-“


Oh. He is answering and making sure I don’t hyperventilate… IM NOT HYPERVENTILATING! OHHhhhHHHHHHHHHHHhhhHHHHHHHHHHhhhhHHHh. That’s what he meant, mental face palm!


“After we found you and got the story, the man woke up and hit u hard on the head then ran off, we got you in the ambulance immediately as you were knocked out, Harry come with and so did Trace. We got your phone and called speed dial, being your friend Miranda.

You’ve been in a coma for a very long time miss, we’ve wrote down everything that’s happened in the gossip and everything for you to review so you may be up to date.

Sir Harry Styles left after 3 days of you being here, for a few reasons. 1. He had tour, and 2. He doesn’t actually know you. Harry of course made us call you twice a week to keep you updated. We still haven’t found the almost rapist/ murder man but are still heavy on looking. The boy Trace is a 6 year old boy, he has no parents since they died on a plane, yet he survived, he can’t remember anything from ages 4-6.

He’s been being taken care of by Harry’s neighbor and was taking him out for ice cream when they found you. Trace refuses to leave this hospital and hasn’t left once in all this time, he showers and everything here.

They even tried bribing but nothing will work. He is convinced you’re his ‘Sister’.  Also, Harry’s calls have stopped last month. Miranda has been super worried and told me all about how your parents, and her being your guardian. I am terribly sorry. Everything has gone downhill, I am also sorry but your college has kicked you out because you weren’t able to attend, but your friend dropped out with you.”


I listened as he talked for such a long time and slowly so it could all sink in. My. Life. Is. Fucked. Up.


“Now onto your condition, in the coma your body healed and your brand new! That’s almost all the good news I have, oh and you can leave whenever you like but a cop will be always roaming Mirandas neighborhood.”


I finally got the nerves to ask.


“H-How long have I been asleep?”





Hey Hey Hey! Yeah as you can see, the story is going to all be a flashback basically, when it's out of flashback on the last chapter it won't be bold! Well whenenver it's not in flashback it will have  _KillerKissIIFlashback_ and then have not bold! Yurp. I update at least once a week, always on Thursdays and mondays, but sometimes I will be late and post on Fridays and tuesdays!! Just a heads up(:


Hey Guys? Did you enjoy? I hope so! This chapter wasn't the best and I am sorry to have so much cussing but their teenagers/adults! Plus K.K. is being more angry and strong and sturf? WHAT'S GOING ON?! Comment whatcha think(: So Yeah!

Can't wait till next chapter?

Here's a bit that will go on? 

Welllllllllllllll K.K. finds out how long she was asleep and what's happened! and i can't say the rest): BUT! Harry? Was he there? :OOOOOOOOOO


Yurple! I want to thank you all for being Sexy bears with belly buttons (Quote from Hannah Wistrand: Hey Kelsey want a teddy gram?! They have belly buttons! Sexy. Bears. With. Belly. BUTTONS!) like myself *Flips hair* also please comment your thoughts?! VOTE AND FAN TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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