My 5 Freaks

Cher and her friend, Harmony, go to a 1D concert and randomly get backstage passes and when they were walking backstage, they run into 5 boys their age...... Could this be the boys every girl wishes to meet? Will they fall in love with the 5 boys? Read to find out!


1. details


        This isn't a chapter, obviously haha, but this is a thing that tells what the characters look like. 


         Cher: Long brown hair, bright green eyes, natural curly hair, natural pink lips, always bubbly and happy, loves music, good singer, really nice, and is very popular. The most popular girl at school. Has a thick British accent.


        Harmony: Medium blonde hair, bright blue eyes, natural straight hair, natural pink lips, always happy, sort of a bad girl, loves music, good singer, not the nicest person but still nice, and very popular, second most popular girl at school. Has smaller British accent.



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