My 5 Freaks

Cher and her friend, Harmony, go to a 1D concert and randomly get backstage passes and when they were walking backstage, they run into 5 boys their age...... Could this be the boys every girl wishes to meet? Will they fall in love with the 5 boys? Read to find out!


2. chap. 1



         Cher's POV

                        ' Let's get some, and live while we're young!' My radio sang. I hit dismiss and stepped out of bed. I jump into the shower and washed my hair. I combed my hair and put on my glittery gold top with ripped light blue booty shorts. I put on my gold TOMS and walked into my bathroom for makeup. I put on gold eye shadow and red lipgloss. I put on light blush and put on mascara. I walked to my bed and grabbed my purse. I ran down the stairs and grabbed a blueberry muffin.  I kissed my mom's cheek and ran out the door. I got into my car but it wouldn't start. '' Ugh! Stupid car!'' I yelled. I kicked my car and started walking to school. Its 9 blocks but I'm early. When I was about halfway there, it started raining. '' Ugh. Great. This is such a bad day for me!'' I said out loud to myself. '' How so, love?'' A voice said. ''What? Whose there?'' I said looking around worried. All of a sudden, a dark figure walked out. '' wh.. Who are you?'' I asked the figure. '' I'm Harry, love. And who are you?'' '' I'm Cher. Umm... Why are you here?'' The figure put his cold hands on my cheek. I flinched. '' I'm just walking to my friends house,. And how about you?'' '' I'm going to school but my car wouldn't start.'' I said looking down. '' Well, babe, I can give you a lift.'' The person said, leaning down. He was trying to kiss me, I could tell. I fell back onto my bum. '' Are you OK?" He shouted, pulling me up. '' I'm fine but I have to go.'' I said running off. 


                I finally got to school but I missed first period. I was at my locker when I heard someone shout my name. '' CHER!'' I turned around and saw my BFFAEAE. ( Best friend forever and ever and ever ) '' HARMONY!!'' I screamed, earning a few looks at me. '' Guess what!'' Harmony yelled. '' What?!'' I yelled back. '' One Direction are staying here in London!!'' '' No way! Really?'' I yelled. We both started laughing and went to second period. '' Where were you at first period, Cher-Bear?'' '' I was walking to school because my car wouldn't start and then some guy came up to me and started talking to me.'' '' oh. Weird.'' I nod and we look at the crabby old hag in then front of the class room. 

                             At the end of school, Harmony gave me a ride home. '' By Cher-Bear!'' Yelled Harmony. '' By Harm-Honey!'' I yelled. We giggled and I walked into my house. '' Cher? Is that you?'' '' Yeah Mum! Its me.'' '' OK well come in here for a second!'' I set my bag down and walk into our kitchen. I walked to the fridge and got a Pepsi and said, '' whatcha need Mum?'' '' Well, I heard that band you love so much is here in London and I got you tickets!'' '' Omg! Really? I Love you!!!!'' I screamed and hugged her. '' Yeah! And we are not going! Its just you and Harmony!'' I started screaming and running around the kitchen. '' AAAAHAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My mum just laughed and walked into her room. I called Harmony. 



H: Hey gurlllll!

C: Hey Harm-Honey

H: What's up?

C: My mum got me One Direction tickets!!!!

H: No way! Are you serious?

C: Yeah!  Its gonna be great!

H: When is it?

C: Umm... Tomorrow! Aaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

H: Omg! I can't wait! I have to go but see ya soon!

C: Mk! Bye!

H: Bye!

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