Hi my name is Emma. I'm turning 19 in 2 days. Less about me and more about my story!

I live with my BFF Ally. I LOVE HER! ( in the friendly way of course ) one day I go to the fair where I have a boat ride with this really cute dude. He has curly hair and is THE SWEETEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET!
The boat crashes and we become stranded on a island.


1. Introduction


Well hello there! My name is Emma. I have brown hair with a streak of blue down the side. I go to Stanford University with my BFF Ally. As there is at most schools university has a bully. What? It's just like an ordinary school. I have green eyes.


Sup my peeps?
I'm Ally!
That's right the awesomest kiddo at uni ( university ) Well I should be. Anyway I live with my BFF Em ( Emma ) in London! YEAH!! I LOVE one direction! Although I think I should be With Louis! THAT WOULD BE SOO SOO SWEET! I have red Flaming hair! I know right AWESOME! I have blue eyes that shine like moonstone!

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