Love At First Sight

5 Best friends, Isabella, Mackenzie, Emily, Reese, and Rose are going to see a One Direction concert and won backstage passes. Do you think the boys will like them? Read to find out


5. The Zoo with Liam

     Liam and I got to the zoo and he was so amazed with what I had planed. We walked in and went to the elephants so i could take a pic of us and send it to my grandma. Next we went to the zebras cuz they r my fav animal and I was wearing their stripes so Liam just had to take a pic with me and the zebras lol, he just loved to take pics of me don't you think?

     My cousin works at the zoo so we went to find him and he let us into some of the animal cages and we got to feed them and pet them it was just so awesome. I never expected for my cousin to be working today! We said goodbye to the zoo animals and left to go back to my place because Liam asked me to sleep at his house with him and of course I said yes. We drove back to the girls and my house so that I can pack my clothes for the next day. We walked in and the girls asked us how the date was and all the sudden Mackenzies phone rings and she runs to get it because it was Niall and he asked her out. Omg this was so fabulous, now 2 of us were dating our fav 1D guys.

     I went up to my room and packed Emily came in and was screaming and I told her to calm down, she did. "Why were you screaming?"

     "Reese, Rose, and I all got a call from the rest of the boys and we r all dating now and they were wondering if u guys wanted to have a 5 couple date tomorrow at 6pm," Emily explained.

     "I would love that you just have to clear it with Liam, cuz I am staying at his flat for the night," I said

     "Omg really, thats awesome dont you to do anything, lol," Emily said sarcastically.

     "We are only going to watch a few movies and have junk food like we do on movie night."

     It was time for me to leave and go rent some movies I put my pillow, popcorn, bag, and chocolate! We were driving and singing it took us 15 minuetes to get to the flat. When we got there I gathered all of my things from the trunk.

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