Love At First Sight

5 Best friends, Isabella, Mackenzie, Emily, Reese, and Rose are going to see a One Direction concert and won backstage passes. Do you think the boys will like them? Read to find out


3. The Date!!

     The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. "Emily must be cooking breakfeast, and it smells good," I said. I got out of bed and put my favorite slippers on and went downstairs. I was always the last one to wake up because I love to sleep in. Everyone was eating their breakfeast and watching The Adventures of 1D part 2. "The guy who made this is a genius," Rose exclaimed. "Yeah I know right," I finneshed. "Isabella your awake, we were going to wake you but we thought that you could use some sleep!" They shouted. We went up to my room and they helped me pick what I was going to wear when I went on my date with Liam!! I am so exited.

     It was 11:45 and my date started at noon so I have 10 minutes to do nothing. "Do you guys think that I should go a little early?" I asked. "No I think you should leave in 5 minutes," Mackenzie suggested. I loved my besties since we met in high school. I was off to go and meet Liam at McDonalds.

     I got out of the car and saw his head through the window. I ran from my car to him and he got up and we hugged!! "Hey," he said. "Hi, this was such an awesome set up, I loved how you put the note into my pocket, it was so sweet," I said as I blushed. I was so happy that I could spend another day with Liam my fav guy from my fav boy band!!! When we finneshed lunch we got into my car and he drove. "I have a surprise for you, I think that you wil absolutley love it," Liam said looking really exited.

     We finally got to this secret destination I was so exited to see that we were going mini putting thats like my fav thing ever I love to mini putt. I leaped into his arms unexpectiedly he spum me around it was sooo romantic and I just love anything that is romantic or has to do with romance. We played our game of mini putt and I totally won lol!!

     We drove back to my house and I invited him over for dinner we were having tacos. Ya I know thats Harrys fav food but that was Reeses pick. We walked in the door and the girls came running up to us and hugged us to death. Dinner was almost ready and Liam called the rest of the boys to come over. Of couse Harry was here in 2 minuetes, We all ate so many tacos that we felt like we were going to puke.

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