Love At First Sight

5 Best friends, Isabella, Mackenzie, Emily, Reese, and Rose are going to see a One Direction concert and won backstage passes. Do you think the boys will like them? Read to find out


7. Our New House

     Liam woke me up at 10 bcuz breakfast was ready and I couldn't wait to eat I was so hungry. Pixie followed us to the table and I poured food into her purple sparkly food dish. In the middle of eating I got a phone call from my girls, they wanted to know what Liam and I had planned for today. I said nothing and that I have to tell them something when I get back home. They said that's okay and we hung up, Liam asked who it was and what they wanted to know. So I told him, when we were done eating I ran up to Liams room and gathered my things and he helped me load my bags into the trunk then we were off back to my place to tell the great news. We told the rest of One Direction to come over to our place, after an hour everyone was here. Liam and I stood in front of everyone and said together "we found a place for all of us to live and we already bought it so lets start packing!" They all jumped up and hugged us with joy they totally loved that we could all live together and stated to pack right away!

     Liam called fora limo to take us to our new house. The girls and I said our goodbyes to our old house and ran outside to the limo. When in the limo I sat with Liam in the very back, Emily and Louis sat in front of us with Mackenzie and Niall, Rose and Zayn sat in front of them with Reese and Harry. It was so fun bcuz it was our first time in a limo. I was so tired that I fell asleep on Liams shoulder. Inside the limo was so awesome there was a cooler for drinks, a ice cream machine, a movie screen, video games, and T.V. Finally we got to the house it is a solid gold and sparkly mansion, everyone loved it. Once everything was inside Liam came and carried me inside while I was asleep. I woke up when he hit my foot on the railing of the staircase, it really hurt :(. Inside the house was huge there were five bedrooms with walk-in closets and washrooms, three washrooms that are not built into the bedrooms, a huge backyard, 5 floors, and lots more. Everyone loved the house!! "So how does everybody like our new house?" Liam asked. We all shouted "we love it!!!" The worst thing was that we had to unpack I so didn't want to but Liam helped me so we could get the kitchen set up.



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