Love At First Sight

5 Best friends, Isabella, Mackenzie, Emily, Reese, and Rose are going to see a One Direction concert and won backstage passes. Do you think the boys will like them? Read to find out


6. Liams Flat

     We entered the room and it was so big Liam showed me around and it was so beautiful. I set my stuff down in his room but I felt a little nervous cuz we just met but I got over it once we went to the near by park. The park was so big there were people with dogs, people having picnics, and even playing with their kids. That made me think of how good of a mother I would be, but its to soon to have a family with Liam. After a few hours of walking and talking we went back to Liams flat and got the movies Ted, Oz the great and powerful, and tangled. He made some popcorn and I got the candy, chocolate, and chips ready. Once we were done we went upstairs to change. We came back down and snuggled together while watching Ted, it was so funny. We had such a great time watching Ted and next in line was Tangled cuz I like Oz the best out of the 3. Tangled was okay but I fell asleep and Liam woke me up cuz Oz was satrting and I cried during it. But it was so cute I wanted Finnley to be my pet monkey cuz he is just so cute i love him but not as much as Liam. Our movie night was over and I got up and woke Liam up lol!

     Once he woke up he said that he has a surpise for me and I got so exited and kept thinking of what it was. He had to go outside and grab it, I was waiting with my eyes closed on the couch. He brought in and I was still thinking, he told me to open my eyes and there was nothing in front of me. He took a small PUPPY out of his coat and I screamed (BTW its 12am) LIam shhed me lol!

     Our puppy is a little girl named Pixie and she is a PUG thats my favorite dog breed. We were playing with her until we were tired and went up to bed. Pixie came up on the bed with us and cuddled in the middle of us she is so cute how she sleeps. Liam could not sleep and he kept making me wake up and everytime I hit him not that hrad though. We were talking about where Pixie would live and he mentioned that I come and live with but I have to think about it cuz I dont want to leave my girls behind and alone. Liam said that he saw a house that was big anough for all of us to stay ina nd have our own rooms to share. I finally agreed cuz I loved the idea of living with my besties, their 1D BFs, and our little puppy Pixie!!!!

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