Love At First Sight

5 Best friends, Isabella, Mackenzie, Emily, Reese, and Rose are going to see a One Direction concert and won backstage passes. Do you think the boys will like them? Read to find out


1. Getting Ready

     I woke up this morning so exited today was the day that my 4 besties and I are going to see our favorite band One Direction! I got dressed in my purple jeans with my purple sweater and 1D converse. i ran down the stairs so fast that I ran into Mackenzie and she started to yell at me to stop running so fast in the house. I grabed some breakfeast and sat on the couch. Emily, Rose, and Reese were getting mad at Mackenzie and I because we were going to slow. When we got into the car Rose started to drive on the highway, she blasted her One Direction music in the car. We all started singing to their songs. We coulndn't wait to get there!

     We got to the concert at 1:45 but it started at 2, so we sat on our front row seats and talked about the boys, our favorite things, and the latest gossip. The music started and Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry came out everyone screemed . They were so amazing live, we knew all of the lyrics to all of thier songs.

     I was so amazed when Liam touch my hand "I will never wash this hand again" I yelled. They went backstage to change. when they came back out and announced that they would sing little things and they were going to pick five girls to sing to. Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Harry came over to our seats and reatched out to us. They asked us whitch of them were our favorite, mine is Liam, Mackenzies is niall, Emilys is Louis, Roses is Zayn and Reeses is Harry. We all sat on the 5 stools on the stage while they sang to us. Liam went to the back of the stage and grabed 5 red roses. Liam gave me mine, Niall gave his to Mackenzie, Louis gave his to Emily, Zayn gave his to Rose, and Harry gave his to Reese. When the song was done we got off the stools to leave the stage but they grabed our hands so we could stay up there. Some girls in the audience left because they were jealous and mad.

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