Love At First Sight

5 Best friends, Isabella, Mackenzie, Emily, Reese, and Rose are going to see a One Direction concert and won backstage passes. Do you think the boys will like them? Read to find out


4. Expect the unexpected

     The next day I was up first and made some pancakes for my girls. They all came running down the stairs, I was so surprised that I dropped some pancakes on the floor oops!! We ate our pancakes and had some left over tacos. Liam txt me and it said Hey I was wondering if u and I could... be a couple like date and whatever. I showed the text to my girls and we all screamed, they yelled at me to say yes. I texted him back of couse I was waiting for you to ask wanna meet at starbucks at 1. I had an hour to get ready and drive to starbucks. I got a call from Louis asking for emilys # so that they could go out and the rest of the boys did the same.

     It was time to meet Liam at starbucks I hugged the girls bye and said that I would see them later. I went outside to hear crying, I looked around the corner and it was Louis. "Louis what's wrong?" I said as I sat down beside him.

     "My grandma and grandpa just passed away in a plane crash coming here from their cruse" Louis cried.

     "I'm so sorry for your loss would you like me to drive you back to your flat?" I asked

     "Yes I would love that. You are such a awesome friend," Louis added

     "Thanks, but I hope there is no traffic I aslo have a date with Liam today, I can just text him and say that I will be a little late," I ended.

     After I drove Louis back to his flat Liam called me. When I was off the phone I got in the car and drove off, I got there and Liam looked so worried. "Where were you I missed you so much what happened?"

     "Well Louis was crying outside of the house, so I offered to drive him back to his flat and then there was so much traffic on the way here, so I was later than I expected I am so sorry," I explained.

     "Thats ok you did the right thing and I love you for that and a lot of other things about you, but we dont have time for me to explain it all what do you have planed for our date today?" Liam said.

     "You will have to wait until we get there to find out, and its my favorite place to go for a date!" I finnished.

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