Hi I'm Grief. Or no actually my name is Grief 12548 but I don't like numbers. I'm an emotion and if you think persons can't be emotions well I'm not a person. I'm a ghost a soul, some people may even call me an angel but that's not what I am. I'm Grief nothing more nothing less I can't even call myself a feeling, I probably am for humans but for myself I'm just... nothing. I'm a part of a tribe the Griefs our natural enemies are Love together we form the strongest feelings there are and that's why we fight but it's not just fighting it's war and I've just become their wartoy ...


1. My new assignement


"And Louis Tomlinson will go to Grief..."

"Please don't say 12548, please don't say 12548!", I whisper quietly to myself.

I liked being a lazy unassigned emotion... sometimes. OK who am I kidding I always like being a lazy unassigned emotion. Can you blame me being someone's Grief can be very tiring.

"12548!", miss Grief continues cheerfully.

I roll my eyes I really shouldn't say those things out loud Miss Grief always hears it. She's like a ninja.

I looked at the life video of this Louis fellow again.

It seems like my job is going to be quite hard this time. Louis is famous, has good friends, nice girlfriend. Looks like his last Grief fucked up big time. How will I ever be able to put Grief in all of that Happiness and Love.

I mean even a professional can't fix that Louis chap. There's only one explanation for my impossible assignment Miss Grief hates me. Who am I kidding Hate is an emotion and emotions can't have emotions... for obvious reasons.


"Miss Grief could you please give this assignment to someone else? I don't know if I can take this much responsibility.", I tell miss Grief after class.

"You don't know if you can take the responsibility?", she repeats fake laughing. Well, all our laughing is fake because we can't have any emotions. But this laughing was fake fake-laughing if you know what I mean.

" I don't want this kid he's too happy.", I reply firmly, trying to stop myself from shaking. Man Miss Grief can give me so much stress.

"Well 12548 that isn't your decision to make. Now is it?"

I swallow and try to think of something to answer. Although I know it won't matter anyway.

"But ma'am I'm not ready for such a big assignment yet. Why don't you ask 537 to do it. She's much more talented and experienced than me.", I finally manage to bring out. 537 is my best friend she is much younger than me but for some reason we really get along well. After all age is just a number.

"No, 12548, that's the reason I chose you for this guy, you know. Because you won't think you can do it and therefore you will try harder and you will succeed anyway."

I sigh, you can't say no to miss Grief, now can you.

Miss Grief was the youngest Grief around. Although we all stop aging at 21. Miss Grief has been the one of the first emotions to start the emotions tribe. She has been here from the moment mankind could talk and she has seen all of the great wars they teach us about in history class: Greed versus Love in the battle of Troy, Jealousy versus Loyalty when Caesar was killed

but none of those wars are as important and huge as the war we're in right now:

Love versus... Grief.

Confused already well let me maybe tell you how this all started out in the first place well so first of all Love and Grief are the strongest emotions around as you probably already knew.

But Love doesn't like sharing... at all. So they decided that they wanted to be the strongest emotion and began overpowering some of our biggest cases so we would become less strong. But unfortunately that didn't work for us Griefs so we fought back by killing some of the happiest lovebirds alive. I agree that wasn't very nice of us to do but as I said -or may not have said- before: Us, Griefs we like our independency so if they start taking over our cases we do the same with theirs it's as simple as that. But yeah you know how things go.

An eye for an eye.

The rivalry didn't stop when we killed Romeo and Juliette (Yes they existed) it just became worse. It divided our whole tribe in two: the "good" emotions as they like to call themselves versus the "bad" emotions as they liked to call us.

Well so as you might imagine all hell broke loose there had to be 2 world wars and a lot of death people to make the emotions stop fighting and for them to decide that they would no longer use humans as their soldiers. That didn't mean the end of the war though it just meant a short break until they would find a way to slaughter each other again.


A week and 2 days later I had done all my research on Louis "the Tommo"- like his friends liked to call him- Tomlinson. I know that cause I've done my research

Turns out his last Grief didn't make a mess out of him, she just went missing without anyone noticing. Creepy right? But on the other hand; How could they not have noticed he was missing Grief? Love is an obvious thing to miss because if you ignore it, it's not there. But Grief, you can't ignore that.

Well whatever doesn't really matter to me. Miss Grief gave me permission to look into his files and I found he did enough little things wrong to deserve some big time Grief.

That's our most important rule here at the Grief society. You always respect Karma. People have to deserve the feelings they get whether it's Love, Hapiness, Jealousy or something else you have to deserve it and well fortunatly or not Louis seemed like a great guy so my gift of Grief wasn't going to be that big.

Anyway... today is the first day I'm going to meet my assignee, that's Louis by the way. I'm standing in the hall of sleepers to travel to the earth and I'm really excited.

HAHA I'm so funny.

I can't be Excited, I'm Grief. See what I did there I should win one of those golden guys, humans always seem so Happy about when they get them... or maybe not...

I can't use my Grief on him yet though so that's kind of... bullocks.

"You're such a weirdo, Grief.", someone states. I look around and see Love 2548 standing way to close to my face.

I groan and push him away, don't get me wrong the Love-Grief war isn't mine to fight but Love 2548 is such a self-absorbed prick. He can really bring out the worst in me.

I roll my eyes.

"What are you doing here I was just getting ready to meet my protégé.", I snap at him.

"Oh really that's a coincidence because I was just planning on doing the same thing.", the prick says, like he didn't expect this at all but his evil grin gives him away.

"Oh shut it 2548 and now leave me alone so I can travel." I lay down in the soft bed of flowers and concentrate on falling asleep so my ghost can travel to the earth.

After a few minutes I hear a familiar snap sound and I wait for my vision to stabilise

The room I'm standing in is filled by screaming girls and I can see flashes of green surrounding them. That means Excitement is in the house, no wonder these girls are screaming like they're starring in a horror movie. After I'm done complementing myself on that AWESOME comparison -please note I'm being sarcastic-.

I look for Lou on the stage. Quickly I recognize the twinkling blue eyes and perfectly coiffed hair of my protégée and flash in his head.

"Hi, love", Love 2548 slick voice greets me.

I mutter a few curse words. Why didn't anyone tell me he was going to come with me? Then I remember he did tell me, I was just too busy being annoyed when he did

"Don't call me love.", I reply coldly, "I'm Grief. You're Love. Did you get that or should I write it down for you?"

He ignores my obvious tone of sarcasm and smirks

"Nah that's not necessary, love"

I decide to ignore him and look to Louis' colours to see how he's feeling: green, yellow and burgundy. Which means he's Excited and Happy but he misses someone very dear to him.

His thoughts are well protected but I manage to break through anyway. I see the vision of a beautiful brunette with hazel eyes surrounded by a burgundy gleam. Well that's probably the girl he misses.

"Hey Grief!", Love interrupts me causing the only vision I had to fade too.

"What is it, Love. I was concentrating on this guy's brains!", I snap at him.

"I knew you were that's why I interrupted you.", Love replies cheerfully.

Really did he interrupt me only so I would lose my vision. This guy is such a prick and he isn't even a guy!

"WHY?!", I yell at him.

Before Love can answer to that. Louis' thoughts resound through his head.

"I really am crazy. Now I even hear voices in my head. Nah I already knew I was crazy."

Although this means that I will probably get a lecture from Miss Grief about keeping my voice down when I'm in someone's thoughts , I can't resist a smirk. This Louis guy is sassy, I like it.

I look over to Love to see he's also smirking probably because I'm going to get in problems for this.

" Wipe that smirk off of your face or I'll do it for you.", I snap at him and with that I flash back into my body and out of Louis' head.

"What was that, Grief! You were supposed to only do some research in his head! You almost blew our cover with your screaming", Miss Grief screams when I open my eyes immediately rolling them.

"Love was annoying me!", I defend myself.

"That's no reason for screaming like a nutcase in someone's brain! Now is it?", she screams back at me.

I sigh "I'm sorry Miss Grief. Next time I won't let Love snap me out of my concentration anymore."

"Good, now go to your room and write an essay about why you shouldn't scream when you're in someone's head.", she orders me, "And you can't visit your assignment for a week."

I let out a deep groan and walk to my room.

Urgh, I don't want to write an essay. On the other hand I'm quite glad I don't have to visit Louis for a week. I don't know why but I have this feeling there's something wrong with him.

Why were his thoughts so protected? What does he have to hide?

I shake of my thoughts and jump on my pink king-size bed. After a while I fall into a restless sleep.

A/n: If you're reading this that means I updated :)

Well what do you think of it so far. Grief is quite sassy. Isn't she? And Love is such a prick! Why do you think Louis' thoughts are so protected?

Please comment, fan or vote.

Love you <3. You're beautiful in every single way :) (GUESS THE SONG!!!!)

well bye beauties!! :) 

love y'all

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