Hi I'm Grief. Or no actually my name is Grief 12548 but I don't like numbers. I'm an emotion and if you think persons can't be emotions well I'm not a person. I'm a ghost a soul, some people may even call me an angel but that's not what I am. I'm Grief nothing more nothing less I can't even call myself a feeling, I probably am for humans but for myself I'm just... nothing. I'm a part of a tribe the Griefs our natural enemies are Love together we form the strongest feelings there are and that's why we fight but it's not just fighting it's war and I've just become their wartoy ...


2. Dreams


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"Don't leave.", a desperate blue eyed brunette boy pleads me. 

"We can't be together.", I reply, hurt .and  turn my face away from him so he won’t see the tears that are streaming down my face. The warm fluid feels oddly comforting as it makes its way from my cheeks to my chin. And I can’t help but feel glad about the fact that I’m crying

"Who says we can't.", the boy practically screams turning my face with his soft hands so I have to look at him again. 

"Everyone..." I look down not wanting to see the tortured look in his eyes. Which I’m sure will be only another reminder of how our love can’t be

"But do you?", he urges me again. I can almost feel his eyes staring to my face. 

I stay quiet for a minute or maybe an hour I wouldn’t know time escapes so quickly . I know what I have to say but my mouth won't form the words.  

"I don't know...", is all I  can say.


"Wake up, 12548!", I hear a familiar voice scream in my ear.  

My blue eyes open looking straight into another pair of blue eyes. I push 537 off of me with a big groan. 

"Waw, sorry I didn't know it was bitch-day today!", she replies from the floor. 

I smirk I'm getting stronger. 537 used to not even move when I pushed her 

But my smirk quickly disappears when I remember the dream I had. It's never good for emotions to have dreams because that's our way of traveling to earth. But this wasn't just a dream. 

I, I was human in this dream I had feelings and the worst thing Louis was in there. That means he must've dreamed the same dream.

That's the thing about emotions they have the annoying urge to pull their assignments into their dreams and if Louis had this dream too. He must've seen my face.

Oh god please, let Louis not remember this dream or else I will be in big problems. I might be in big problems, already. I should fix this right now. 

Without saying goodbye to 537 I walk to the sleepers hall trying my best not to be noticed by anybody. 

When I finally reach the hall unnoticed, I sigh in relief . Miss Grief will kill me if she finds out I went to earth without her approval.  

I lay down on my usual spot, close my eyes and wait for the familiar snap to tell me my soul has detached from my body.

When I hear the snap and my vision clarifies I see Louis and the girl from the image I saw yesterday all curled up in bed.  

"Morning, Lou.", the girl's sleepy voice whispers in his ear. 

"Morning, El.", Louis whispers back. The girl gives Louis a kiss on his cheek and he smiles. 

Urgh, I've seen enough it's time to convince Louis he didn't dream what he dreamed. 

Quickly I snap into his head hearing his thoughts flooding the place. 

" I missed waking up with Eleanor on my side." I sigh in relief. he doesn't remember the dream.

Suddenly a memory flashes through his head. I whisper some curse words when I see my face appear. 

So he does remember. This is not good.  

"It wasn't a nightmare or anything but it just seemed so real like I was really in love with the beautiful blond girl sitting with me in that field. Her tears seemed like they were so near yet so close and her body seemed real but invisible at the same time.", Louis thinks again. 

Three double shit! How am I going to fix this. 

"Snap out of it, Louis! You have a girlfriend!", I yell so he'll hear me. 

"Yeah that's right, voice in my head. I should spend my time with my girlfriend instead of thinking about some weird dream.", Louis replies firmly probably shaking of his thoughts. 

I smile Mission accomplished! And it was actually much easier than I thought it would be.  Now let's hope Miss Grief didn't see this. 

"She did now come back immediately. 123548 I am very disappointed in you.", Miss Grief's familiar voice sounds from nowhere.  

I close my eyes and sigh, busted

Why does my teacher have to be a bloody ninja. It's so unfair. I quickly snap back to the hall of sleepers, where Miss Grief is already waiting for me.  

Before I can even open my eyes Miss Grief begins to yell at me about how irresponsible I am and how I could've blown up the whole society with my reckless behaviour. 

But I don't listen my mind keeps traveling to Louis and the dream.  

I cried in that dream I can't cry, emotions can't cry. It's not possible not even in their dreams. What is happening to me? What is this Louis chap doing to me? Is this what happened with the Louis’ last Grief or am I just imagining things? And what if I am… in love with him?

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