Journey To The Top

Brynn Delgato is a 19 year old girl who wants nothing more, but to accomplish her dream..Being the good singer and that's the only thing she wants ever since she was young and all she loved was music, but all that changed when she met a special someone that tore her down once again....


1. This Is The Day

      This is my day to shine, to let the world know I'm alive, to show what I know and have, this who I'am and this is what I'am.


     "Brynn Smith please come to the office. Brynn Smith please come to the office. Brynn Smith" the speaker said loudly, everyone turned their head on me "Brynn?" Mr. Brady said looking at me seriously, I grabbed my things and put it together and grabbed my bag, stuffing it all in, I stood up putting my bag on, I left the classroom with no words, I walked to the main office, my black baby shoes making little tap and tip noises, I finally got to the main office just in time for 6th hour "erm.. the office asked for me" I said walking up to the front desk "oh, hi Ms.Smith! Please take a seat" Ms.Janis said,  I sat on the  blue plastic chair that was against the wall and crossed my legs tapping the tip of my feet uncontrollably against the pale tiled floor "Ms. Smith can you please stop the annoying tapping?" Ms.Janis asked me annoyed, I stopped and started to fiddle with my finger wildly, suddenly I head a sudden murmur, but the only thing I could understand is my name "Brynn, hon, please go in there" Ms.Janis said pointing to the left with her pen, I nodded once and stood up and went in the direction she told me, I walked into the room to see five teenage boys, curly hair, bald, rock star look, messy red, quarter blond, and Mrs. Monroe "hi Mrs. Monroe, you called me to here" I said "yes, Brynn, I know, take a seat please and you are in no trouble" she said, that's what they all say "boys, take a seat" she said once again, the five teenage boys sat down, the curly and the rock star one on both sides of me "Brynn this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn"  she said, the second she said the name Zayn I grew aware of who the "rock star" guy is, Zayn was my best friend, those days were gone once he auditioned for the show The X-Factor and never told me, I never heard or received a simple hi, hello, or hey from hi, ever since that show I never heard anything form that jerk, this totally rigs me of my whole forget my ex-best friend  plan, before that plan I was crying, sobbing, even cutting just to ease down the pain I felt that day, I'm not letting him break me apart again "hi, nice to meet you, I'm Brynn" I said politely as ever "yeah, we know she just told us" Zayn said pointing out the obvious "well no duh Sherlock!" my mind shouted inside me "where's your manners, back at home?" I say " so I don't get anything back for seeing my best friend?" he said thinking I'll be open arms just to see him again "no, no you don't, you have the courage to say that to me when you left me uninformed that you auditioned for some bimbo show!  I don't think so, so you think you can just come back and say so I don't get anything for seeing my best friend?! No, not this time Malik, No, not this time Malik, I cried over you and that was a waist of tears" I said finally letting it all out, he looked taken back and so did the others "sorry" I said once again this time with gritted teeth and hands, I took my seat back and held on to the hem of my skirt , he wont tear me down, no, not this time, he took me once, it my turn to get back! I know I seem all goody two shoes, but that's what everyone thinks.


   everyone thinks I'm nice and all, but Mr. Malik came back so I'm back!





I can't say sorry, I can't say thank you, I can't say the words I say to be me,  I can't because your here to taunt me back into my misery where I just came out.

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