Journey To The Top

Brynn Delgato is a 19 year old girl who wants nothing more, but to accomplish her dream..Being the good singer and that's the only thing she wants ever since she was young and all she loved was music, but all that changed when she met a special someone that tore her down once again....


2. New Someone

When we mostly cry just to let it all out, when we mostly smile when we truly want to break down, when our smile doesn't meet out eyes, when everything you do is fake because of one thing.



Is it gonna be like this until the end? Is it going to be the light that lead us in? Is it JUST the light that leads us in? Is It JUST gonna be like this until the end? Is it JUST me that needs to change? Is it JUST the world that took is in? Is it?

            No...It's not JUST gonna be like this till the end, it's not JUST the light that lead us in, it's not you that needs to change, and no! It's not just the wold that took you in.....I did I took you in and loved you and I will till the end............f


          I remember when Zayn said that to me, I felt like tearing down and I JUST ended up asking my self and him those questions, but those things aren't true, the world is the ONLY thing that JUST took you in, and YES it it JUST light that lead us in, it was JUST ME that NEEDED to CHANGE, and YES, it WILL be like this TILL the END! Everything he told me was just a lie, everything he did was just an act, everything he said was just made, everything about him was just a lie! There was no person named Zayn Javaad Malik I knew, he was a one and only fraud.


        School was over for me and I have the torture work to babysit them because apparently there coming home with ME! I have to LIVE with ZAYN, ZAYN! Why can't it be anyone else, BUT Zayn, I got on my red motorcycle and got the engine to roar to life "hey little bad girl" Jackson my guy friend also known as the the head of the football team, the apparent jock too "hey bad boy" I said going off to the road, whenever I ride I always hear the thing in the movies, it goes......


GUY: Where are you going now?


**walks away with the wind blowing in there hair**

      Yeah! That thing with where ever the wind takes me, i guess... That's what I always hear whenever I go riding, I got home, I parked my bike in the garage and hung my keys into the hook against the wall near the door to the hall inside, I opened the door to reveal a fresh smell of vanilla and strawberry "mom! I'm home from school!" I shouted suddenly the room to the pets room opened to reveal a woman with soft brown hair tied into a tight ponytail , her eyes warm and soft with pink plum lips that are the perfect shade of pink to let her brown eyes pop, she had soft pure cream white skin (image:, she was carrying a light blue plastic laundry basket with her hip and arm "hi hon, how was school?" she asked  "not good, I found the Zayn mum" I said trying to fake it, but sadly I can't "he's your friend honey" she said giving me the give him another chance look "gotta go to study mum, I got my things on Monday" I said "OK, they'll be here in in a few Brynn, be nice and they'll be on the second floor not the first, the second" she said to me warning me to REALLY be nice to them, you know how impossible it is? ITS IMPOSSIBLE "OK" I said, I went upstairs to jump onto my blue tank top and soft frog and pink short shorts, I really don't care if they see me like this, this is still my house and I'm free in it so boo yeah! I got finished with homework and got a warm shower after, I decided I wanted a walk in the park so I got into a spring like outfit (image: I tucked the stripped shirt and got my phone in the leather bag, I got downstairs and told my mum I'm taking a walk in the park with Eleanore and Perrie, El, Perrie, and I are bestest of the best friends, we were besties since who knows?! And  it's been like that since, we never fought over nothing except when we were children of course, but standing boys, seats, clothes, and more of the simple things we think of course, but no, I'm not going with them for a walk, I'm just going so I can enjoy some peace and quite and just unwind watching the sunset, I'd always and I mean always do this when I feel really bummed or really down like tearing up down, but I feel like I'm just naturally sad because I just am, its normal so no need for crazy wacko, I got to the park smelling the sweet dew of grass and the London wind, hearing the rustles and crisp the wind makes when objects inter fear, hearing the sweet sound of kids having fun in the playground, hearing the sweet sound of the squirrles playing and running around in the trees and grass, I took of my brown sandals and hooked it into my hands, i walked bare foot on the grass feeling a bit of a poke and wetness, I walked up onto the hill where there laid a perfect view of a perfect sunset, i love Oak Hill Top, its the best place to be by yourself an just to relax and clam the heck down, i sighed out heavily, I sit as my legs are out and crossed (the other leg on top of the other) with my palm keeping me up, I watched the sun go down as the light got dimmer and dimmer by every second  it felt calming feeling the ray of the sun get cooler and cooler, it just felt right, every single bad thing that was in you is now gone and its just calm parts that are in you, it feels so right, so great, so free, so calming to be here, I laid down leaving my bag by my waist and my shoes in the bag for less carrying, my hair is all tangled up with the grass, but still untangled, the sky is now half dark blue and half sunset color, I watched as stars began to pop and the sky began to get dark, I got my phone out and told my mum I'll be home late and she was fine with it because she's on another business trip for a month because some band name Union J, I also realized I'd be home, by myself, with the boys, with ZAYN! UGH! I just laid back down calming a bit, I laid there until a guy with curly hair and green orbs was looking at me "Harry?" I said "oh, hey Brynn, you mind if I join you?" he said, I shook my head and he laid down next to me "it's beautiful" he said "yeah..." I said trailing off "something wrong?" he said, we met eye contact for a second there until I decided to look back to the sky "nope, nothing at all" I lied "you can trust me" he said, but for the fact of it I do feel like I could trust Harry "well, my mum's always on business trips and now I'm alone at home as usual , but with you guys there it makes no difference, I have no one to talk to, even if my mum's here, we have nothing we know of each other and as much as I try to bond with her, her job being in management and stuff just gets in the way and it's just sad, but then I enjoy being alone, having peace, having time alone, but I'll give that up just for someone to be around always, apart from my friends which are always busy, Eleanore and Perrie they never hung with me a lot, I don't even know if we're friends or not" I said "well I'll be living with you, I can be around every time you need me and I know we just met, but you can trust me with anything, I promise you that" he said "your not as bad as I thought you would be Harry, your a good kid, just don't be like Zayn if you know what I'm saying" I said trying to smile, but I just couldn't "what do you mean just like Zayn?" he asked looking into my eyes, he's now above me on a push-up position "I like this position....I mean Zayn  left me without a sudden information and all of a sudden he has the guts to approach me like he did at the office, Zayn and I were best friends since we were five and we've been friends until he decided to ditch me, I cried over him night and day, I use to cut" I confessed "oh, I didn't know" he said in the same position "you can get off if you'd like" I said, he got up and so did I, I got up and put on my shoes and my bag "lets go home, it's getting dark" he said "OK" I said, he put his hand out and I took it, we held hands like friends not couples or any sort, we got to the front steps and I took out the key, before I could open the door Harry was behind my ear "can you fake to be my girlfriend?" he asked whispering so only I could hear "why?" I asked taking my hand of the key leaving it in the key hole "I'm just asking please?" he pleaded "fine, I can deal with the fake kisses and snuggling" I said "thanks" he said quickly pecking me, he suddenly grabbed me by my waist "curvy outline, me like" he whispered in my ear, I totally blushed really hard when he said that, he laid his chin on my shoulder as I moved my long wavy hair to the other shoulder, I took hold of the cold key again opened the door to reveal the boys on the couch watching football (soccer), they all look at me and Harry "babe can I watch with them or you want me to help you with the laundry?" he suddenly asked me "it's fine baby, I can do the laundry by myself" I said, the boys looked at us with a shocked face. Hehehe! I'm doing good! Harry then quickly gave me a cheek kiss and ran to the boys, I went into the pet room so I can play with our dog Monti a lion dog (image: I went in the room and let her free to roam the house "prince where are you?" I said, prince was our family nickname foe Monti, I then heard squeaky barking from the living room where the boys were, where Zayn IS "Monti!" I called, a white dog came jumping to me, I started to scratch behind her ears wildly and she began to waggle her tail more wilder "go fetch? Go fetch? Monti want to go fetch?" I said patting her back, she ran into the pet room and she grabbed her toy bone and I threw it, she ran after the bone and I went to the living room, Harry saw me and grabbed my waist, I landed right on top of him in the couch, I laid my head on the crook of his neck and pulled my legs to my chest, Harry still had his hands on my waist so I could barely move, I was on him side ways "what's with you and waist grabbing?" I whispered to him "it's your fault for having a curvy outline" he said behind my ear "you are one boy Harry, on boy" I say to him normally "thank you baby, thank you" he said pecking my lips, Monti came back with the red bone in his mouth all drooled on and wet, hopped on the table the threw the bone to my lap "babe wanna go play fetch with me?" i asked Harry, he grinned at me and gave me a kiss, I stood up free from Harry once again, Harry, Monti, and I are now at the backyard playing on the wide open space,  Monti's now in the pet room sleeping while me and Harry are outside looking at the stars, Harry's hands are cupped behind his curly looks, I'm on his chest with my hands folded like I'm gonna pray on Harry's chest and my head on top of it "had a first fun day here Harry?" I asked "yup" he said as I felt his chest rise because hes optically breathing calmly "I miss these days with Zayn, we use to do this all the time with Boris Zayn's dog, I miss that old pub" I said softly, I suddenly felt tired "sleepy?" Harry asked, I nod my head, he suddenly is carrying me bridal style "second floor in the hall at the end" I told him as I tangled my hands around his neck and my head on his shoulder, I closed my eyes and heard a click knowing we're in my room already, I felt my covers being pulled on me and someone going next to me, it was Harry, I cuddled with Harry and fell asleep, its nice to have him a a close friend already.

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