Trust, Love, and Reality

(Credits to my friend Christopher for designing the cover for me <3)

Autumn Livingstone used to be a confident 14 year old girl, but after she moves to a new school, Canyonglen Academy, and gets bullied by the other students, she isn't the same bubbly, confident, bold girl anymore.


2. Meet Felix

Stretching my arms as I yawn, my Loveable Rogues alarm clock blasting out 'What A Night'. Lying in my bunk bed, snuggled up in my red duvets; my eyes scan the Loveable Rogues poster-plastered room. Looking over at my clock, "Six o'clock," I whispered to myself. Swiftly swinging my legs off my bed, I forced myself out of bed. My legs ached like mad because I had played basketball for a straight four hours last night with my only three friends; Tom, Reychel and Oscar. They went to a different school and I made up a whole fake life to tell them about. They think my parents are rich, while they're actually dead; they think I'm popular; while I'm actually one of the two most unpopular people in my school; they think I have boys lining up to date me, while no boy talks to me; they think I have a sister, while I have no siblings. Basically, to them, I'm a lucky young girl with an adoring rich family. "Wake up! Time for your work out!" my 'boyfriend' (Actually my lodger) Felix, ordered me and I jump down from my bed obediently. Felix liked to go out on early morning runs and he forced me to tag along because I knew he didn't like being on his own. I remember my mum telling me he has monophobia, a fear of being alone. If I refused to go, Felix would give me a punishment, and after that one punishment I hated, I couldn't really walk. Yes, he rapes me when I won't do what he says. "Wear shorts more often, yeah?" Felix winked and he left my room. Urgh, what a pervert. I walk to my mirrored wardrobe and no matter how hard I try to ignore the overwhelming need to look at myself, I caught sight of myself on one of the mirrors. White, pale skin, a thigh gap, a unhealthy body figure, brown wavy hair tied back in a messy bun, a button nose and my unique purple eyes. "Hurry up," Felix called, and I quickly whipped my boxer shorts off, and slipped on my basketball shorts. Taking my pyjamas vest off, I shuddered at my creepy body, my ribcage sticking out. I quickly put on my training vest, seeing that it was hot outside. Walking downstairs, the scent of toast filled my nostrils, and I soon saw Felix hunched over the kitchen counter. "I made toast, eat it in two minutes while I get dressed, then we'll go," Felix whispered into my ear and I nodded. He then grinned and he jogged up the stairs, and I studied his dashing looks. Dark brown hair in a quiff, chocolate brown eyes, and a sweet, thoughtful smile. He was very toned and he had the muscles in all of the right places. Girls admired him and they told me I was very lucky to have him. If only they knew what he did to me behind closed doors. Hearing his heavy footsteps clatter down the stairs, I threw my toast in the bin quickly, and smiled falsely. "Ready to go babe?" he asked, opening the front door. Stepping into the outside world, I plastered a fake smile on my face, and Felix started to jog off, so I jogged after him. "Hellooooo!" Oscar's voice filled my ear and I turned around to see Oscar mowing his front garden for his mum, I presume. "Just mowing for MOM," Oscar stammered, looking at his mower. "At this time of morning?" I ask, laughing, and I earned myself one of Oscar's famous eye rolls. "Come on slowpoke!" Felix called and I waved goodbye to Oscar before running after Felix. 

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