Trust, Love, and Reality

(Credits to my friend Christopher for designing the cover for me <3)

Autumn Livingstone used to be a confident 14 year old girl, but after she moves to a new school, Canyonglen Academy, and gets bullied by the other students, she isn't the same bubbly, confident, bold girl anymore.


1. Living A Life

Waking up, why should I wake up in the morning? Pulling my skinny jeans up over my legs easily and slipping my loose GEEK jumper over my head, why am I still breathing? Eating my jam toast, why am I still here? Brushing my teeth and grinning at the mirror, why am I making an effort? Packing my homework in my satchel, why am I living a life?


Life is not easy, and I learned that the hard way. 

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