Romancing with Fame

Skylar Bennet was all was an ordinary girl in her small town in PA but when her parents move her all the way to Californa her life changes forever! She bumpes into 1/5 of the band one direction Niall Horan and they fall head over heels in love but when Skylar meets a normal, handsome stranger she's torn between two amazing guys! Will Skylar choose normallity over true love?


2. Things happen for a reason

The water was luke warm but i was relaxing, and the surfer was coming my way. His face, i've seen it before and... Oh my god!! It's niall horan from one direction!! "Hey, i noticed you swimming alone and i thought i'd accompany you." Niall said in his irish accent. " oh thanks, I just moved here and i dont have any friends yet , i'm Skylar." " well nice to meet you i'm Niall and i'd be happy to show you around." " That'd be great and as in Niall, do you mean Niall Horan?" I asked faintly. " yes, but please dont make a scence!" He said. " oh of coarse not im not a crazy fan girl and what time do you wanna meet up and where?" I asked hoping soon. " good, and how about in an hour here at the beach?" He said. " yeah that'd be great i guess i'll see you then." I said happily. " ok, see you then!" He said as he swam away.
**one hour later**
As i walk to the beach i think about if my hair and outfit look ok, i'm wearing denim shorts, neon pink vans, pink floral riffled tank with a white cardigan with my hair curled and lose. As soon as i get there he's waiting there by the bike rack wearing a red polo and baggy jeans and white sneakers. " hey!, you look great!" He said smiling. " hey, thanks you too!" I said blushing. " ok , so let's go to a great pizza place around the corner and if you like pizza?" He asked. " oh, yeah i love pizza!" I said and realized how stupid i sounded. " haha ok let's go!" He said taking me by the hand and leads me to the sidewalk. As we are walking he asks " so tell me about yourself!". " well i'm 18 and i moved here from Oxford, PA and i'm a dancer hoping to get in to USC." I said. " that's cool and a dancer aye?, thought you be more of the singer song writter type." He said. " oh well people say i'm good but i never really put thought into it, so tell me about you." I said nerously. " well i'm 19 , i love food and singing is my life!" He said confidently. As we arrvive at the pizza place i notice i forgot my wallet! " hey Niall?, i forgot my wallet can i run home and get it real quick?". " no, no it fine i'll pay for you." He said smiling and leading me to a table. " really that's soo sweet thanks!" I said blushing because my mother always said if he pays for you he likes you.
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