Romancing with Fame

Skylar Bennet was all was an ordinary girl in her small town in PA but when her parents move her all the way to Californa her life changes forever! She bumpes into 1/5 of the band one direction Niall Horan and they fall head over heels in love but when Skylar meets a normal, handsome stranger she's torn between two amazing guys! Will Skylar choose normallity over true love?


4. The Suprise!

The next morning i wake up around 10:00! Oh my god i have to get ready, i go run into the shower by the time i get out it's 10:45 then i blow dry my hair and straighten it and do my make up the time is now 11:05. The next thing i do is pick out my out i decide to go with something cute but casual, im wearing faded denium shorts, neon blue vans, and a black L.A loose crop tank by the time i get downstairs it's 12:00! Oh my god he'll be here any minute, then the bell rings and i open the door. There he is wearing shades and jeans and a blue hollister shirt with a dozen roses in his hands." Hey beautiful!, are you ready for our date?" He said. " hey and yeah what's the surprise?" I ask and grab my purse. " i'm driving you there." He said leading me to his sliver BMW. " ok but i hope it's not expensive because i feel bad you had to pay for me last night!" I said while buckling in." Don't worry you'll love it and stop it's cool i like you i don't mind paying for my girl." He said driving down the street. The drive was fun, we listen to some of his songs and by the time we got there, i'm already having a great time."here we are!" Niall said parking the car. We were at a little pinic area, he opens the door for me and i get out and i see him pull a picnic basket out of the trunk."Niall this so romantic!" I said through my arms around his neck." Really?, not to cheesey because i dont know you american girls roll." He said and looked embarrsed." Hahahaha but it's sweet i can give you that." I say helping him unpack. After that we eat our food and talk about everything which felt really good. We left after two hours then we headed to the beach.
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