Romancing with Fame

Skylar Bennet was all was an ordinary girl in her small town in PA but when her parents move her all the way to Californa her life changes forever! She bumpes into 1/5 of the band one direction Niall Horan and they fall head over heels in love but when Skylar meets a normal, handsome stranger she's torn between two amazing guys! Will Skylar choose normallity over true love?


3. The New "It Girl"

After dinner we head over to the pier. " So Skylar do you have a boyfriend?" Niall asked blushing. " actully no, we broke up about two months ago and he started to stalk me and i'm glad to get away." I said thinking thats awkward to let out. " oh yeah my ex is the same i had to leave ireland for awhile but now i'm single." He said nervously. " good because i would feel stupid if you were taken." I said. " haha me too trust me but maybe tomorrow if your not busy we can have a second date?" He asked. I wanted to scream YES!!!, but i had to play it cool. " yeah that'd be great how about 12:00pm?". " ok cool but i'm gonna surprise you." He said. We looked up at the stars, " it's beautiful!" I said. " yeah if you think that's beautiful look at you!" He said and wrapped his arms around my waist. This is it, the perfect moment , should i kiss him? Just then he pulls me close and kisses me! " you're amazing." He said after our kiss." Thanks, i think you're perfect" i said smiling. After that he walked me home and he kissed me good night and said " this is been a perfect night with the perfect girl!" And left before i could say anything. I walk inside and my mother asked why i was so blushy and happy?, all i said was Niall Horan thats why and i go to bed.
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