Romancing with Fame

Skylar Bennet was all was an ordinary girl in her small town in PA but when her parents move her all the way to Californa her life changes forever! She bumpes into 1/5 of the band one direction Niall Horan and they fall head over heels in love but when Skylar meets a normal, handsome stranger she's torn between two amazing guys! Will Skylar choose normallity over true love?


5. Steven

When we got there, we set up and just chilled out."sky?" Niall asked."yeh?" I asked hoping nothing bad. " i'll be right back i'm gonna get my gutiar out of the car." He said walking towards the parking lot. I just sat there looking at the waves thinking how much i love niall then something hits me in the head." Ouch!" I yelled and looked back and a guy around my age ran toward me," oh man, i'm...sorry." He said and just stared at me like a lost puppy." Yeah thanks, are u?" I asked wondering if he'll stop staring at me." Yeah.. It that your really pretty, i'm Steven!". He said sticking out his hand. " haha thanks, i'm Skylar." I said shaking his hand." Cool i've hav-.." His friend yelled " steve c'mon get the ball." "Sorry my friends are jerks." He said. " oh no you should get back to your get back, my boyfriend will be coming back any minute." I said." Oh yeah ok bye nice meeting you!" He said grabbing the ball and running to his friends. Just then niall walks over with his guitiar and says" sorry a fan was holding me up but i wrote you a song!". " it's cool and really thats sooo sweet!". I squeeld. Atfer that he sang me the most beautiful song, then we packed up and left and it was late so he kissed me goodnight but this time long, which didnt bother me!" Goodnight love , i'll call tomorrow but i have work." He said grabbing my waist." Ok , babe see you later." I said and kisses him goodbye and walked in my house and saw my mother unpacking the kitchen." So, are you and this boy a thing now?". She said smiling wanting boy talk." Haha mom , we arent talking about this!". I said giggling and walked to my room and fell asleep to a one direction song.
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