Romancing with Fame

Skylar Bennet was all was an ordinary girl in her small town in PA but when her parents move her all the way to Californa her life changes forever! She bumpes into 1/5 of the band one direction Niall Horan and they fall head over heels in love but when Skylar meets a normal, handsome stranger she's torn between two amazing guys! Will Skylar choose normallity over true love?


1. Moving Day

The day i've been dreading for two months, the day i move to Los Angeles! My parents say that its a better life but it's actullay opporation get Sky away from crazy Ex-boyfriend Jake. " Sky!, time to go." My mother shouted from downstairs." Ok, im ready to wreck my life!" I said walking downstairs. She gives me a disapointed look. "Sky, i know this is hard for you but look on the brightside when you go of to USC you'll be closer to home!" She said. " i know but this summer i was supposed to go to new york for dance classes, now what can i do?" I asked. " what we need to do is get to the airport before we miss our flight!" She said leading me to the cab.
We fianally got here after 4 hours in a plane. The house is huge, my parents really scored! " Skylar, theres a beach down the road, how about you go check it out and make some friends and by the time the school year starts you will be back at the top!" My mother said convincingly. " ok, but im not staying long." I said. I walk upstairs to my unpacked room and pick out my favorite bikini, strapless neon pink victoria secret one and put it on and grab my beach bag and put my phone ,sunglasses, tanning lotion and beach towel and walk back downstairs and out the door. The air was hot but it had a little breeze to it and as soon as i get to the beach i lay my beach towel down and put on my sunglasses and watch the surfers, no one in sight but me and the two surfers. One looked like a 50 year old man and the other was like 18 or 19 he was blonde and he was pretty cute. About an hour later the older man left and i decided to go for a swim.
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