1. Reckless.

I'm becoming careless, 
uncaring of the danger I put myself in, 
pushing invisible boundaries of fear
and hating what I'm becoming. 

Recklessness rules me sometimes, 
when I'm over and done with things that
bother and break me down and out,
and when I can take no more.

No longer wanting to take caution,
I'll ignore safety warnings and threats;
crossing roads without looking.
I'll invite danger and welcome it as a friend. 

But instinct and impulse is my enemy
when I'm in a mood such as this. 
Being taught good habits as a child
makes it harder to break them once aged. 

So I'll check before I cross a road,
and I'll take caution when in danger. 
Because right now, the only judgement I trust,
is that of my very own nature. 

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