High School " Dream"

Jessica Huntley, as all starting freshmans is nervous about starting high school at George Washington High. But right when she enters the doors of GWH, her life will be changed forever. Wisked away into the world of girl logic, her life will be turned upside-down. Her good looks earn her a spot in the A - list clique, A-list clique, earns her a spot in almost everything! Perfect, right? But one BIG mistake will change her life forever


1. Its Time

" Okay mom, i'm ready" I slowly walked down the stairs. " Oh honey, you look beutiful!" And beutiful I did. My thick, long blonde hair was tucked in a high bun. My Pug, Maddie, trotted along beside me. I was wearing a baby blue DKNY dress, and my Burrberry cover sweater. Tan UGGS finished the look. " Ivan is waiting outside in the limo so don't be long." I knew what she was talking about. I grabbed my Prada makeup bag, and my purse and ran out the door. " High School here I come" I mumbled not excited at ALL! Just cos i'm totally fabulous dos'nt mean ill be excepted.

About 20 mins later, after a long time of thinking. Ivan screetched on the brake. " We are here Ms. Jessica" Ivan jumped out of the car and opened my door. As i got out, I realized I had it all wrong. Everyone here was wearing cheap A&F black skinnys, or the tiny petite girls were wearing Aero mini skirts. The shoes were outrageous. Converses, Keds, and even some Nikes on the athletics. As I passed each girl, they watched in envy. Hey, maybe i didnt have it ENTIRELY wrong :). A tiny girl with short brown hair and mousy features came up to me and said i was disobeying uniforn policy. " Uhm ex-ca-use-me" I said to the girl. " Yes, im very sorry to say that, but you are. Oh and my name is Deena, and ive been coming here my whole life!" She looked up at me and smiled. " If you need any-"  " Deena, am i a newspaper reporter?" I interupted her. " Uhm no?" She asked confused. " Then why are you telling me your life story?" Then about 5 people around screamed " Ohhhhhh Deena got servedddd! " Then, Deena ran a fast as her mousy legs could take her, crying. I felt a pang of guilt surge through my mind as she ran, but she could have minded her buissness! About 5 mins later the school bell rang.



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