High School " Dream"

Jessica Huntley, as all starting freshmans is nervous about starting high school at George Washington High. But right when she enters the doors of GWH, her life will be changed forever. Wisked away into the world of girl logic, her life will be turned upside-down. Her good looks earn her a spot in the A - list clique, A-list clique, earns her a spot in almost everything! Perfect, right? But one BIG mistake will change her life forever


2. Golden Locks

" Hi my name is Jessica" I said confidently to my 5th period English Class. " Hi Jessica" everyone dimly said back. I smiled and nodded as I took my seat next to a particually pretty girl. I saw on her notebook, that her name was Regina. " Hi" I wisperd to her. " Uh hello?" It came out sounding like why- are- you- talking- to- me kind of hello. " I love your hair, its like gold!" " Yeah its like that", she said, sounding kind of annoyed. Then as if one que, right when i was about to ask her a qeustion, her phone buzzed. She statred texting someone with a devius smile on her face. I tryed getting a look but she caught me. " Uhh do you have boundrary issues?" " No " I whimperd. She took a very long look at me, and smiled. " You are very pretty." " Thank you, so are you." I sighed, releived that she took a look to see the realme. The bell rang, signaling lunch. " Well Jessica, do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch today?" " Do I!" She smiled and picked up her things. "Meet us by table number 14!" She called over her shoulder. " Okay" I shouted back. Right when I was about to leave, a cold clammy hand was placed on my shoulder. I turned around to be face to face with mouse girl. " So you are sitting with the A-listers?" Wait a minute... " That was a A-lister??" I was smiling. " Yes, actually shes the alpha. Your surprised?" The alpha of a A list clique asked me to sit with her and her A-lister friends! " Is that like exclusive?" " Yes very!" Mousy said. " Well, that means im exclusive." " No not exactly", said mouse. What was her deal, laying down rules like bricks on a building! " You have to go through a orinentation", she explained. " Well i gotta go mouse", I snickerdmeanly. Never evensaying sorry fro both mean comments.

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