The Life Of Tobascus.

A Thoroughbred colt is born on a new racing stable. Under tons of pressure, this colt is the stables future.. Will he be able to succeed through the hardships and keep the stable going?


2. The Beginning

      The black colt shot around the corner, coming in hot on a sorrel filly in front of him. "Come on.." Hernandez whispered, smacking the whip beside him. Tobascus stretched out his neck, his legs a blur. He eventually caught up to Jewel, the sorrel filly, and matched her stride. "Good day for a ride, huh!" Hernandez yelled to Jewels' jockey. He smirked and looked back forward. Hernandez laughed as Tobascus tore away from them, leaving them in a cloud of dust. "Atta boy!" Hernandez yelled, using a hand to stroke him as he flew over the finish line. He loosened the reins a tad and circled him off the track. Jewels' jockey, Mark Trent, led the sorrel filly past them. "Good ride.." Hernandez said to Trent, slightly enthusiastic. "Thanks..."Trent mumbled as he briskly walked her to the crossties. He takes off her tack and puts her away, then walks her to the pasture. Hernandez sighs and walks Tobascus to the cross ties. He untacked him and groomed him well before turning him to his pasture next to Jewels. He sighed and walked up to the house. "Jose!" David smiled and greeting him as he walked in. "Hey, sir." He said and kicked off his boots. "I was looking at the racing program and I saw some races that could fit Tobascus.." David said to him, walking into the kitchen. "But sir, he's only 2 and a half.." Jose protested. "But he's running like a champion, Jose. He's fit and athletic, what else does he need?" David said, smiling. "A developed mind and bones.." Jose said quietly. "Come on Jose, tons of people race their horses young.. We won't be the first.." David smirks. "Fine, sir.."  David smiles and pats him on the back. "It's great we could come to an agreement on this. His first race is in a week, get as much conditioning in as you can before that.. " Jose nods and heads up to his room to sleep. David sighs, turns out the light, then goes to his room. He lies down and falls asleep quite quickly. 

      The next morning, Jose wakes up VERY early, 5:45 early. He stretches, then changes into breeches and a stretchy all-black tee. He walks downstairs, gets a water from the fridge, then walks to the door to put his boots on. He takes a swig from the water, then trots out to the barn. "Hey boy." He smiled to Tobascus, who stares eagerly out of the stall door. Instead of getting him out and on the crossties, Jose tacks him up in the stall. He strokes him, then leads him out to the track. David stands, leaning against the rail, timing other horses as they breeze around the track. Jose stepped onto the track, but jumped backwards just as a gray filly barely missed him. Tobascus neighed and half-reared at the disturbance, but Jose pulled him down and calmed him. He stepped back onto the track and went to mount up, but Toby reared, striking in Joses' direction. "Whoa!" Jose yelled, pulling him down again. Toby yanked backwards, sending Jose flying towards him. Jose snapped the reins, getting Toby's attention. He held the reins tightly and mounted up, then nudged Toby. Toby snorted and tossed his head angrily, pinning his ears. "Whoa!" Jose yelled, gathering his reins. He snapped them again, catching his attention, then trotted him over to Davids' position. "He doesn't feel right today.." Jose said, worriedly. "Just try to work him the best you can and see if he snaps out of it, I'll start timing at the 2 quarter mark." Jose nodded and nudged him into a slow canter, waiting on a bay colt to pass. As soon as he passed, he nudged him into a gallop along the rail. Toby snorted, throwing his head and seeming to dance. "Come ON Toby!" Jose yelled, snapping the crop. Toby grunted and sped forward, outstretching his neck. 'Good..' Jose thought to himself as he reached his near maximum speed. He held him back until they reached the two quarter mark, then released pressure on the reins. Toby sped around the corner, his hooves pounding the earth below him. Jose snapped the crop beside him repeatedly, sending him into overdrive. "Come on!" He yelled, his boots digging into his side. They literally breezed over the finish line, and Jose trotted Toby over to David. "How was he?" Jose asked. "Amazing! He was almost a minute earlier than last weeks timing.. He's getting better." David smiled, stroking Toby. Sweat frothed around his mouth, and he had sweat lines around his saddle. "I would get him untacked and let out for the rest of the morning, then I would get him on the treadmill for about 15 minutes or so... Take him to the therapy pool if you'd like." Jose nodded as David left, then trotted Toby back up to the barn. He dismounted, then untacked him. He strapped the stud chain over his halter, then led him out to the pasture. Jewel let out a neigh and came screaming up from the back of the pasture. She slid to a stop, sliding onto her powerful hindquarters. Toby neighed back and pranced, anxious. "Whoa.." Jose grunted as he struggled to hold the excited stallion back. "No boy!" He tapped his side sharply, then put him in the pasture. He unclipped the leadrope, then watched Toby tear off with Jewel. He sighed and tossed the lead rope over his shoulder.


(Sorry for shortened chapter)

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