just one direction imagines :)


1. harry imagine

i woke up to the sound of water falling in the bathroom my boyfriend harry was showering. suddenly thethe water stoped and the door opened there was a shirtless harry. " goodmorning babe" harry said " hey" i said and smiled i got up and kissed him then got dressed and went down to the smell of bacon. " omg you are my hero harry im so hungry" i said and kissed his cheek he blushed he looked so cute " anything for you my love"  he said and kissed me and pushed me against the wall and took of his shirt and my shirt then the kiss begon to be harder and harder suddenly the kitchen smelt of fire we stop what we were doing at looked at eachother " harry i think you burned our breakfast" i said he looked shocket and said " how can you blame me you were the one who came in here looking awesome i couldnt help but had to kiss you so its your fault" i blushed " no its not my fault " i said and smiled " if you admin it your fault we go out and eat what ever you want " he said and winked at me " ok ok its my fault its 100% my fault can we go now please please" i said like a 5 year old girl

" your so cute when you are hungry babe " he said and kissed me


sorry its my first imagine i hope you like it :) -shirin

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