just one direction imagines :)


2. for maggie with zayn

i was getting ready for my first date with zayn i was so happy and coulnt wait i heard my phone ring and it was the love of my life " hello" i said " hey babe im out side waiting for you" he said " im coming now " i said " ok cant wait bye" he said " bye " i said i run to the door and befor i went out i took my phone out and looked at my self a little more then went out. zayn was standing in front of the door " why didnt you knock?" i asked " didnt want to annoy you" he said smiling " you never annoy me babe " i said looking in to his eyes " let go" he said and kissed me on the cheek " yeah where you taking me ?" i asked

" its a surprise" he said and winked at me " aughhhh fine " i said  after walking 30 min talking laughing and kissing we finally arived " here we are " he said its was at the beach with candels and a tabel with food " waaw zayn its beautiful did you do all this for me " i asked with tear in my eyes " yes i did your my babe i love you and cant live withoute you" he said and kissed me i didnt know how long we kissed but he finally pulled away and said " leets eat babe" we ate and talked and laughed when we finally finished our dinner we went and walked in the beach suddenly i saw niall with a guitar " whats niall doing her ?" i asked confused " hes here to play for my singing" he said i just laughed because he meant he wanted to sing for me " okay" i said he begon " your hand fits in mine like its made just for me....." and sang his part of little things when he finished i had tear in my eyes " waw zayn" i said " maggie i love you and i need you i never going to leet you go your mine and nobody can have you only me im never gong to hurt you and im going to love forever " he said and kissed me for 5 min when we pulled away niall was gone" come lets go babe"  he said and we went home and there he said " i love you maggie " and i said " i love you too zayn"


hey maggie i hope you like it :) -shirin

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