Forbidden Love

The magical world of Planet is split into two kingdoms- Light and Dark. Jurmala of the Light side finds herself falling in love with Aagney, of the Dark side. But their love is forbidden. When they elope, Planet breaks out into a terrible battle, killing many.


1. Jurmala

“Hello citizens of Planet, and welcome to the annual Joining!” Queen Avantika said. I sighed. The Joining was my least favorite week of the year. It is held 2 months before the yearly Choosing. The Joining is to help Undecideds such as me, who haven’t had their Choosing yet, decide whether they will join the Dark Side or the Light Side. At the Joining, people from each side come to speak to us. We have had to go to these lectures since the year we turned 10. I turn 16 in a few days so this will be my 6th Joining.

“All you Undecideds, line up in two lines. Boys must go in one line leading to Prince Bardia of the Light Side. Girls must go in one line leading to Princess Cassara of the Dark Side.” Queen Zhenga said.

I headed towards the line with Princess Cassara. She was 20 years old but she looks the same age as me, maybe even younger. She was petite, as she had been ever since I was 10. Her long, black, curly hair flowed down her lengthy, red gown. She was so beautiful that it almost hurt to look at her. When I got face to face with her, I was almost blinded by her false beauty. Her beautiful eyes were a fake, crimson color with gold specks. Her fake lips were enlarged and exactly the same shade of red as her “eyes” and her gown. Don’t even get me started on her flawless “skin.” There wasn’t a single blemish, freckle, or discoloration on her perfectly porcelain skin. She looked like a doll; her face painted to the artist’s taste with not a single imperfection, her body perfectly slender, all in all, Princess Cassara was a fake person.  But, then again, what dark over the age of 18 isn’t? Once you choose the dark side, you don’t age quickly, you don’t gain weight, and you can design yourself. It’s absolutely disgusting. What makes it worse is if you chose to be a Dark and you don’t want to be one, they taint your mind with Medicine once you turn 18. The Light Side has its flaws, too. I see them even though I grew up with the 3 most perfect Lights. My grandmother, Tulia, is the most perfect of them. She is never angered, never hurts anyone, and always cries for the poor people and the Darks. It’s quite depressing. Mother, who most know as Maris, is always trying to help Grandmother. But, Grandmother is 86 and she will be gone soon, no matter how much we fight it. Mother knows this and Father, whose real name is Coburn, knows she knows it to. In the past few months, Father has been comforting Mother as much as he can.

“Here you go, Madam Jurmala.” Princess Cassara said, handing mw my schedule. How did she know my name?

“Er, thanks… How do you know my name?” I said nervously. I grew up with 2 Light parents, how did the princess of the Darks know my name?

“It is of no importance how I know, just that I know.” She whispered in my ear, her voice icy. Her voice ran shivers down my spine and I rushed away from her. My sapphire blue gown was almost catching on my shoes as I exited the Grand Hall onto busy Uni Street. It was the only street in the whole Kingdom that Lights and Darks could go on. I glanced down at my schedule for the Joining. I sighed when I saw I was in the group E. No one –and I mean no one- wants to be in group E. Group E’s group leader was ALWAYS a New Transfer, or someone who chose one year ago or less. I sighed, that’s what happens in life. Besides, at least I’m not in group B. Group B’s leader, Quentilio, always makes you have a Confession Session before you go to the First Speech. A Confession Session is where everyone confesses 1 thing about themselves. It’s so boring. I looked up at the stage where our group leader was standing. He was a young man, obviously a Dark. He looked about 16 but I knew he was older. He’ll look 16 until he turns 26 because when you’re a Dark, you age 1 year for every 10 years you’ve been a Dark. It’s sick. They don’t even live longer than the average citizen of Planet, 120 years. Most Darks die looking around 36, a terrible thing to think about. I imagine the group leader at what seems 36, dying. I imagine his fiery red eyes crying tears of exhaustion, pain and sorrow. I imagine his thick, jet black hair matted and messy. Then I imagine something that shocked my own self that I thought it; I imagine myself looking age 36 and crying along with him, grabbing his hand and breathing in my last breath with him.

“Okay, people. My name is Aagney and I will be your group leader. I’m going to call out your names and you will say ‘here’. Are we clear?” Aagney said his voice sing-songy and there was some other essence in his voice that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Almost, loving, though that was impossible. He’s a Dark. Darks cannot love anyone, with the exception of their mate and family, of course. But, then again, this could just be an urban legend. Most Darks are this way but that doesn’t necessarily make it always. I found myself yearning for this to be true. I cannot understand why, though.


I’m in love, aren’t I? I, Jurmala of the Water clan, daughter of Maris and Coburn, have fallen in love with a Dark.


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