Forbidden Love

The magical world of Planet is split into two kingdoms- Light and Dark. Jurmala of the Light side finds herself falling in love with Aagney, of the Dark side. But their love is forbidden. When they elope, Planet breaks out into a terrible battle, killing many.


2. Aagney

As I read the list of names of 10 to 15 year olds, soon 16, I saw her. I longed for her full, red lips to dance with mine. Her icy blue eyes looked into my soul, stealing my heart from my chest. There is but one flaw to Cupid’s plan for us. I could tell just by looking at her that she was destined to be a Light. Oh, Cupid, have you no mercy! I love her, thanks to your arrow that pierces my heart, and she can never be mine. It pains me to know she will never be in my arms, wrapped in my love.

            “Jurmala,” I read from the list.

            “Here,” Her voice was a brilliant song to my ears. She was the last name on the list.


            “We will first visit a Light speaker. Her name is Tulia and she is of the Water clan.” I announced, “Follow me.” I led the whispering teenagers over to the stadium. I gestured for them to sit wherever they would like to be seated, with whoever they would like. It was mostly couples, holding hands and chatting. There were also some groups of friends sitting with each other. But my Jurmala sat alone.

            “Is something wrong, Jurmala?” I asked with my voice full of concern. She looked up, startled but then shook her head, “No, I’m fine. All of my friends are in different groups. I’m the only one of my age here, too, so I do not know any of these people.”

            “Here, sit with me. For, I am alone as well and we lonely people must stick together.” She sat up from her seat, “Of course.” She said, smiling. Jurmala was gorgeous. How did I never notice her, back when I was a free Undecided? But that was none of the matter. Now, I do see her and I can always hope that she will choose to be a Dark, and we may be together at long last.

            “What side are you leaning towards?” I asked her as she sat down.

            “All of my family is of the Light side, in fact, the speaker here is my grandmother. I have practically no choice but the Light side. Not that I wouldn’t choose Light anyway, if I had a choice, but it would be nice to know that I can choose something for myself.” She said glumly.

            “I know how you feel. My family is all Darks though, contrary to yours. My mother forced me, my brother and my father to become Darks. Even if physically I am supposedly Dark and evil, my heart hasn’t been tainted by the Medicine yet, thankfully. I am a Light at heart.” I spoke with a sadness that was audible in my voice. The sadness, however, was not from what she would assume. It was that she would be a Light and I would remain a Dark. Our paths would never cross again.

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