My celebrity crush

Hi, my name is Perrie Edwards. I'm 17. I play guitar and sing at the Starbucks on Huntwall Avenue. When I turn 18 I'm quickly moving out of my parents house and moving to New York. That's my dream. To live in New York and be a singer. What happens when I meet my celebrity crush in New York? Will we fall in love or will we fall apart.


7. Chapter 6

Perrie's POV

I stood up. The boys had finished. I went around to the drink section. They didn't say Hi. That was all that ran through my head. I sighed, getting a coke. Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around. My heart was speeding as I realized who it was. Zayn. Yes, Zayn Malik.

"Hi." I said, smiling uncontrollably.

"Hi, birthday girl. Your Perrie, right?" He said shaking my hand.

"Yeah." I said, blushing. Even though I knew that the only reason why he knew my name was because my mum told them about me.

"Well. I heard you singing 'Heart Attack'. Are you a fan of Demi Lovato?"

"Yeah, actually. I love her. I'm a big lovatic and directioner." I said.

"Well, did you know that Niall is a close friend of hers? She's staying in a hotel a half hour from here. She's on tour and Niall said that she had the day off. I could ask him if he could call her up for you." He said.

"I wouldn't want to bother, but yes. I would go crazy if I got to meet her." I said half-screaming.

"Okay, well then come with me. So you can meet the boys." He said, taking my  hand.


We arrived with the rest of the boys. Louis hugged me. I blushed.

"You're Perrie. The one from Instagram. I would just like to say that you're beautiful, but Zayn here," he said pointing to Zayn, "-has already declared that you're his. And that we can't have you." I blushed uncontrollably again. I looked up at Zayn who was also blushing.

"Well, Niall, the reason we came here is to see if you could call up Demi. Perrie is a big fan of hers and would love to meet her." He said putting an arm around me.

"Yeah, I could call her. She just texted me a while ago saying she was bored. She might love to come." He said, taking out his phone and walking out of the house, since it was too loud in here.


A few minutes later Zayn and Niall led me to the front door. I saw her. I saw Demi. I nearly started freaking out. She came up to me and hugged me. Giving me a gift bag.

"Happy Birthday. I thought i might stop by a store and buy you this."

I pulled out what was in the bag. It was a dress. No, not any dress. HER dress the one she wore on one of her premieres.

"Haha, I'm just kidding. I just looked in my wardrobe and pulled that out. There's something else in the bag." She said, pointing at it.

I looked inside. There was one ticket to Demi's concert and a backstage pass. There was a shirt, a CD and also a picture which she had signed.

"I-I can't take all of this it's too much." I said handing her the bag.

"No problem. It's all yours. Take it." She said, pushing the bag away.

"Thank you." I said, hugging her.

"Well, are we gonna stay here all night or are we gonna go party?"

We laughed at what Demi said and went inside. The next three hours we spent partying. Zayn had showed Demi the video of me singing her song and she said that I was going to be famous one day, and that I had to make a song with her. It was finally time to leave. Zayn was the last one out. Before he left he handez me a paper. I looked and it had his phone number. I got Zayn's and Demi's phone number I said, reminding myself.


This was the best party EVER.

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