My celebrity crush

Hi, my name is Perrie Edwards. I'm 17. I play guitar and sing at the Starbucks on Huntwall Avenue. When I turn 18 I'm quickly moving out of my parents house and moving to New York. That's my dream. To live in New York and be a singer. What happens when I meet my celebrity crush in New York? Will we fall in love or will we fall apart.


4. Chapter 4

I'm at the airport right now, waiting to pick up my parents. I borrowed the red Ferrari that was in our garage. When I got there they greeted me happy. "Hey Perrie. How have you been?" My mum said, wrapping her arms around me. She was smiling uncontrollably, but not the way she smiles when she happy, the way she smiles when she has a secret. "What did you do?" I ask eyeing her suspiciously.

"Oh, you'll see at your party, Perrie!" Okay. Damn, I forgot my birthday was in 2 days! I have nothing to wear! "We could go shopping if you'd like?" My mum said. Did I just say that out loud? "Yes you did" my dad answered. I laughed and walked to the car. "Can I drive?" I said. My dad laughed and passed me the keys. It was 12 and neither my parents or I  had eaten anything. "Wanna stop by McDonald's?" They nodded and I drove to a McDonald's. _

When we got home my mum decided to take me shopping, leaving me only about ten minutes to get ready. I put on some shorts and a hoodie. I put my hair up in a messy ponytail and added some makeup. I then grabbed my sunglasses, £300 and we left.

~At the mall~

 We made our way to Forever 21. I bought a black top, it had triangles cut off from the side and it was just above my belly button. I bought a purple skirt to go along with my purple flower headband. I bought some black high heels to go along with it. 

When we finished shopping we went back home. We were there for almost 4 hours!!! My mum and I walked up to my room. "Okay, here we go." She said, pulling out some purple hair dye. She mixed it up and dipped my hair in it. I waited a half hour or so and washed my hair. It was dip dyed purple!!! "Thanks, mum. It looks great!!! I love it." She smiled and hugged me leaving me alone in my room to admire my new hair. 

A/N sorry for the short chapter!!!! 

I still need 3 girls to be in her band. Comment your name hair color and eye color. And you can add anything you'd  like. Thank you :).      IG: @lupe_delevingne13 @zaynswazoo_ @caradelevingne_fanpage

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