My celebrity crush

Hi, my name is Perrie Edwards. I'm 17. I play guitar and sing at the Starbucks on Huntwall Avenue. When I turn 18 I'm quickly moving out of my parents house and moving to New York. That's my dream. To live in New York and be a singer. What happens when I meet my celebrity crush in New York? Will we fall in love or will we fall apart.


2. Chapter 2

I walked around the mall. I loved to go shopping. Just one more week and then it's my birthday. I heard that the boys were going to be performing in New York. Maybe I would meet Zayn? I laughed at myself and continued walking. I stopped at Forever 21 and bought a dress, two shirts and a jacket. Along with some shoes. I went to Claire's and picked out a few pieces of jewelry and walked to the food court. I ordered some McDonalds to keep my hunger down and looked in a few more shops. I called Alexander so that he could pick me up.____________________________

I walked inside my house. (Or should I say my parents) I kicked my shoes off. "Mum, Dad? Anyone home?" No answer. I went up stairs and put all my stuff away. I checked my phone I had a message from my mum. ~Perrie, we are going on a business trip for 2 weeks. We left you £700 on the counter. If its not enough I left my credit card in my bedroom drawer. See you in two weeks. -Mum. Xx~  I replied back and then noticed I had yet another text. ~Wanna go to a party at my friends house? It's gonna be epic. -Alex. Xx~_____________________________________

~Yeah, okay sure. Xx~ he replied back no more than 10 seconds later. ~Okay, I'll pick you up in an hour or so? Xx~ I agreed and went to take a shower. I had boughten a red dress that wasn't showing too much skin. I slipped it on. I curled my hair and added makeup. I grabbed my clutch, putting my earrings on and heard a beep outside my house. I went outside and saw Alex's car. "Looking nice, sweetie." He said. Did I mention he was gay? "So where are we going?" I asked. "My boyfriends house." He said a little too excited. "You have a boyfriend and didn't even care to call your bestfriend and tell her?" I said, pretending to cry. "Oh, sorry I guess it slipped out of my mind." He started telling me about him. He seemed really great. It was nice having a gay bestfriend. You could open up to him, he had a fashion sense, and he was there with me through everything. Both Alex and I agreed that we would go to New York together. He was excited. He wanted to be a photographer. Photographing famous people. Especially One Direction._____________________________________________

We arrived at his boyfriends house. Wow, he knew how to throw parties. Alex promised me that he would stay by my side, in fear that something would happen to me. He promised that he wouldn't drink a lot. But I reminded him that I had a drivers license. He still didn't want to get drunk and leave me alone. "Hi, my name is Michael. Nice to meet you, hon." He said taking our hands and leading us inside. "My names Perrie." He chuckled. "That's a lovely name." He turned to Alex. "And hello there babe." He said hugging Alex. They were really cute together. Alex went to get us some drinks. I made sure not to get drunk, incase Alex changed his mind. ~Next Day~ ____________________________________________________ The party was epic!!!! Alex kept his promise and didn't drink. He had dropped me off at my house at around 3 am. I couldn't sleep so I busted an allnighter. I put on my Up All Night Tour DVD. I started dancing around my house. When that finished I connected my computer to my TV and started watch AAoOD. The first and the second one. Oh dear lord!!!! Mark Parsons should win an award for this cartoon!!! I can't wait till AAoOD3 comes out. When that finished I grabbed something to eat and listened to my Up All Night and Take Me Home DVD. It was 8 in the morning when everything finished. I went to take a shower. I had the day off so I decided that I would go run in the park for a while. 

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