My celebrity crush

Hi, my name is Perrie Edwards. I'm 17. I play guitar and sing at the Starbucks on Huntwall Avenue. When I turn 18 I'm quickly moving out of my parents house and moving to New York. That's my dream. To live in New York and be a singer. What happens when I meet my celebrity crush in New York? Will we fall in love or will we fall apart.


1. Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Perrie Edwards. I'm 17 about to turn 18 in a month or so. I love singing. I sing in the Starbucks on Huntwall Avenue. That's how I get money. I'm saving enough money so that when I turn 18 I could move to New York and pursue my dreams. I'm a huge directioner and my celebrity crush is the one and only- Zayn Malik.________________________________________ my alarm clock woke me up. It was Monday. I graduated school already and now I work in Starbucks. I slipped on some jeans , a one direction sweater and some converse. I put on my hat and a bit of makeup, grabbing my guitar as I stepped out of my house. I walked since Starbucks was only around five minutes from my house. I walked in and Alexander quickly greeted me. "Hey, babe!" He said. Now, you might think that we're dating but I am assuring you that we are not. "Hey, sweetie. What's cracka-lacking?" I said. He laughed and brought me my usual coffee. I sat on a chair and waited for a few more people to start coming in before playing. I played More Than This. Everyone cheered at the end and a little girl came up to me. "Can I have your autograph?" She said handing me a napkin and a marker. I blushed and signed it. She thanked me and left with someone whom I assume was her mother. If only I were famous.
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