Forty Sixty.



2. Ch. 2

I slept soundly in my bed. The warm blankets covered my tall figure and my brother slept on the bed under me. My brother, Bryce is 15. He still has to follow the schedule too. I opened my eyes and looked out my window and gazed the the pink-orange Saturday sky. I got up and tip-toed off my bunk quietly and went into my bathroom. I untied the ponytail I slept in and my dark hair fell onto my back. I got into my dresser and pulled out a white tank-top and put that on. I put on a thin blouse with strings attached to the neck, which had a silver bead on the end. I put on my sandals and began to put on my makeup. It was Saturday, so I had no idea if we where going to have a blue meeting today. My father and brother woke up. My dad watched TV and my brother ate his breakfast. I brushed my teeth and sprayed a tiny bit of perfume on. I walked into the living room and saw my breakfast on the table. Pancakes and bacon. I sat down and ate the bacon and finished off the pancake. Just as the clock struck 10:00, the intercom in our house buzzed 

"All teenagers with a BLUE or PURPLE wristband may report to The Plaza at this time."

I quietly thanked the Minister that they didn't choose blue and green, considering green is my brother and he would embarrass me. I stood up and my dad grabbed my wrist. I expected him to say 'Good Luck!' or 'Have Fun!' but instead he said "Get some milk on your way back." I nodded and walked out the door. 

My dad and I don't really get along. He prefers my brother over me and it's very obvious. He laughs at his jokes and his stories, but whenever I try to be funny he just keeps a straight face. Not a chuckle, or a smile. Just a straight face. 

I walked to The Plaza and saw TONS of kids with purple and blue on their wrists walking around. I saw my best friend Amilia and I ran to her. "Hey!" She smiled. Amilia is 18 but she's my best friend. I'll be 18 in 3 weeks. "See any cute guys?" She smiled. "Not yet." I turned my head a couple of times and caught my eye on a particular boy. He had dusty blonde hair and muscular arms. He probably worked for the Minister. He turned and his brown eyes sparkled. "You're looking at Christian!" She smiled. "Maybe." I blushed. She shoved my toward him and I tapped his shoulder. "Hi." I smiled. "Hi! I'm Christian." He smiled. "I'm Valeia." I smiled. "That's a cool name." He smiled. He looked at my wristband. We both had blue. He looked at me.

"Turn around." He said.

"What?" I asked. 

"Turn around." 

"Uh okay?" I turned around and he put a ripped piece of paper on my back. He scribbled down something with a pen and handed me it. 

"Here's my number." He smiled.

I grabbed my phone and put him in as a contact: Christian <3

Every kid had the same phone. a IPhone. 

"Thanks." I smiled. 

I quickly hugged him and ran to Amilia. I started jumping and we walked around and talked with our friends.


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