Accidental Love

Basicly just accidental love....


4. The Girl From the Cafe


Harry's P.O.V 


"On my latte, can you add a bit of whipped cream on top. Just a little extra.." I made an invisible swirl with my finger's and smiled cheekily. The girl taking my order looked a bit dazed, but she nodded her head. I liked this Cafe La London, it's funny that I've never been. But then again, I haven't been to a lot of places. I saw another girl come to the counter, she had long brown curly hair, and intense green eyes. Just like me! How nice...... 

I noticed Niall totally checking her out, his eye's firmly placed on her bum as she made our latte's." Your such a perv Niall!" I elbowed his arm, and he shrugged. Liam and Louis both noticed and laughed. Niall blushed like crazy."Sorry, it's just so PLUMP!" We all laughed, and she turned around. We whistled and turned our heads away, then laughed some more. "Dude! Cassidy's calling you!" Liam plopped my phone into my hands. I answered it,"Hey babe!" The boy's chuckled in the background. "Hey Hair- Bear! Um..I'm just checking on you....You alright?" She sounded a bit nervous."Yea babe, I'm fine. Are you okay?" "I'm fine. Just, be safe." "Okay, Love you." "Love you too Harry." And then she hung up. 

"Whats up Harry?" Liam asked me. "I don't know. She just likes to check on me." I smiled at him greatly, squinting my eyes. He laughed and patted my shoulder. The girl came back and served us our drinks,"Whats your name love, and the one over there too?" I leaned against the counter and fluttered my eyelashes."Allana, and that's Teagan. We are sister's. Yea...."She giggled and handed me my drink,"I added as much as I could, and added an extra two cherries." Wow! The cream was overflowing on the top.....Just the way I like it."Thank you love....We should hang out sometime! You and your sister can come to visit my flat....or just you...or Niall's flat.." She wrote her number down on a napkin, and handed it to me."Text me and let me know." She grinned. "Thank's. I'll text you for sure." I jumped over the counter and gave her a hug.

"Me too!" Niall jumped over the counter too, and gave Allana a bear hug. Then things got weird when his hand went to her butt. She pulled away, blushing."Come again! Please!" Teagan yelled from the back of the cafe. "I most certainly will! EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE...." Niall yelled at the top of his lungs. "Shut up mate." Liam nudged him in the ribs. He pouted and backed away. We walked out the door of the cafe, the door chiming behind us. 

Well that was eventful. 

Allana's POV

"Holy Crap! We just met One Direction!" Me and Teagan jumped around laughing."Best day ever!" Then my phone beeped,"Harry texted me! Oh my god!"  I opened the text and read it out loud," How's tonight at my place? I'll send you the address....Harry xx! That means kiss kiss! He sent us kisses..." I slammed myself into a chair. I was dreaming, I can't stop pinching myself. "Wow.." Me and Teagan said in unison. I sent him a text 'Yea, sounds lovely! See u soon!' I then added Harry into my contacts as 'The Real Harry Styles'. I'm still in disbelief. Teagan leaned over and read what I sent him,"Dude, that's like Mickey Mouse.....Ho ho ho See You Soon!" She did a weird voice. It was more humorous than realistic, so I laughed in her face. 

"Not nice.." She went back to her station and cleaned some dishes. I went back to the radio and pressed play for my 'Take Me Home' CD. "Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till' we see the sun! I know we only met but let's pretend it's love...." That verse sent chills up my spine. I noticed Teagan even make a face. 

"Teagan. Were friends with One Direction." I slumped back into the chair. 

"Yea....One Direction." Wake me up now! I'm going to Harry Styles house.

And we didn't sneak as fans, we were invited as friends. 

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