Accidental Love

Basicly just accidental love....


5. His House


Allana's POV

We couldn't stop talking, poor Paul. "So, how old are you? How long have you been married? What's it like being their bodyguard?" I'm sure we drove him insane. "Okay girls, here it is." I rubbed my eyes, about five times. I wasn't dreaming. We were at the Haz Master's PARTY PAD. "Oh my god." Teagan said whilst pinching her arm. "I read an article about this house...." Paul gave me a quizzical look. "Um....Because my mom wanted to know where we were going..." I didn't even tell my mom. She would be angry. Very angry.... 

"Teagan, wake up sweetie! WE ARE AT HIS HOUSE!" I had to slap her in the face for her to wake up from dreamland. "What happened?" She asked me. "Ugh!" I dragged her over to the door. We looked very made up. I curled my hair, put on more makeup than I usually do (Which is none), put on a nice cocktail dress, and wore heels. Hello, Hazza's PARTY pad? Teagan was wearing Jeans and a nice shirt, but she still looked really nice. Before he could open the door, both me and Teagan fixed our bra's, fixed our hair, and smoothed our clothes. Then the door opened. 

"Hello Love..s." Oh. My. God. He was shirtless. I just died. "Let me get a shirt on." He said as he led us into his flat. "No, it's fine!" Teagan said a little more than eagerly. "Um..Okay. So how was the ride over?" We sat down on single cushioned chairs. "Good. We annoyed Paul out of his mind though." I gave Paul a sympathetic look, and he mouthed that it was fine. "Wait. I need a hug." Oh god Teagan. "Okay..?" She squealed and ran up to him. She sat on TOP of him. I looked down in embarrassment. "You want a hug too?" He held his arms out for me. So I went. It's really hard trying to hug a person who is sitting down without my breasts spilling out of my dress. Nice view for Harry, not so nice feeling for me. I blushed badly. God! Harry saw my cleavage! Crap Crap Crap! 

I pulled my shirt up, and sat down. I couldn't even look at him. "So is Niall coming?" I asked nervously. "Oh, yes! Most certainly! He kind of like's you Allana.." Harry Styles remembered MY name? I feel special. Stop fangirling myself! "Awesome! I Wait. Um..Yea." He covered his mouth, trying to hold in his laugh. Don't hold it in, your laugh is beautiful... Snap out of it Allana! I do not like Harry Styles! Okay....maybe I do...Just a tad. 

"Come this way!" He said loudly. He took my hand, and Teagan's so it wasn't awkward. And led us to his pool. "I don't suspect you brought a swimsuit did you?" Teagan threw her clothes off. Of course. She has a bikini underneath. "She does obviously." She ran and cannonballed into the pool. "You can get away with lingerie." He smiled devilishly. "No thanks..." Then he went from behind me, and unzipped my dress. I felt heat rise to my cheeks. Oh my god...This was so embarrassing! Teagan just stared, her eyes wide. My dress fell to the floor, and I was left with my Victoria Secret cotton push- up, and some Hanes panties....Or something like that. "Pwooo pwooo pwooo!" Harry made shooting noises and jammed his fingers in my stomach. It tickled more than it hurt. "You're so evil Harry!" Teagan said from the pool. "Am I?" Then he went and cannonballed in. I couldn't help myself, I did too. 

Niall's POV

I walked into Harry's flat. It was empty. I ran around, and no one was there. "The pool!" I shouted with delight. I ran from one side of the house to the other. Allana was cannonballing in the pool. In her bra and panties. I blushed and turned away. "Niallllllll!" I heard Harry shout! "Get your fat arse in here!" He said jokingly. Both of the girls were laughing. "I'll borrow your swim trunks!" I ran up to Harry's room (Which was a mess), and found some orange ones.  Oh, fun. I took off my clothes and slipped into the trunks, then ran down 2 flights of stairs, went past a corner or two, opened his sliding glass door, ran on the bricked path, and cannonballed. 

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