Accidental Love

Basicly just accidental love....


1. Cafe

   Allana`s POV:While I was waiting for the next customer to walk in the door I turned on my One Direction album Take Me Home.As soon as I saw the next customers that walked through the door I was shocked.I just had to tell my sister Teagan (fyi she works with me at Cafe La London.)

   Teagan`s POV:I am feeling very nausous today im just not in the mood to eat anything so I haven`t eaten anything at all today,but don`t think im anorexic.Allana came up to me very shocked looking so i asked her whats up and then she told me.....One Direction just walked in the door.

    Zayn`s POV:We walked into Cafe La London and the smell of coffe filled my nose.I could tell Niall was drolling over the pastries, I also noticed Harry checking out the two girls who worked here.Liam went to order our drinks when I turned I saw Louis be his normal self he was dancing on the tables.

    Allana & Teagan`s POV:As we went back to our spots at the counter Liam was next in line (OMG),he ordered five lattes.



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