Gotta Be You <3

Kateline is a regular 17 year old girl. She has problems,crushes,blah,blah,blah. Suddently, 5 guys are new to her school. They cause a big problem and it involves Kateline. She realizes her life is Not A Fairytale.


40. Who's Who?

 Harry's P.O.V.

 Wait, hold the phone!! Leslie is Kateline? Why? How? Suddenly, the memories about the party came flooding back. The cake, everyone laughing at her, and Kateline running home. She probably snuck out to go and couldn't tell her mom so she couldn't skip school. That's why she pretended to be someone else. She didn't want anyone to know it was her. I walked home and Louis was sitting on the couch watching tv. "Hey Lou" I say. I gave Louis a spare key to my house, in case I loose mine. Instead of keeping it safe for me, he uses it to break into my house and either pull a prank or just chill and eat my food. I'm SO glad he's not pulling another prank. Or maybe he set it up and is just waiting for me. I better watch where I'm going. "Where were you?" he asked. "I had lunch with a girl" I answered. "Big surprise there! Which girl?" he asked. "Um.....Kateline....I think." I answered as I took of my jacket and hung it behind me. When I turned to face Louis, he looked angry. "BooBear, you okay?" I asked, worried. "I never told you,did I?" he asked. "Told me what?" I asked. plopping down on the couch next to him. " Kateline...?"he mumbled. Oh no. Now I know why he was mad when I said I had a date with her. Well, it wasn't really a date just lunch. That's it. "Don't worry Lou! I like someone else!" I explained. He cheered up immeadeatly. "Why'd you take her out to lunch then?" he asked. I told him everything. From when she bumped into me at class to our 'date' to when I found out who she really was. "Ok" Louis said. Its almost 7 and I'm starving! "Hey Lou. Why don't we invite the other boys to lunch?" I asked. "Sure. Where?" he asked as he pulled out his phone. "Nando's" I decided as I imagined Niall bugging us un the car that we should eat a Nando's. "Ok" he said already texting the boys.

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