Gotta Be You <3

Kateline is a regular 17 year old girl. She has problems,crushes,blah,blah,blah. Suddently, 5 guys are new to her school. They cause a big problem and it involves Kateline. She realizes her life is Not A Fairytale.


15. Tired but Relieved

  Kateline's P.O.V.

Crystal picked out exactly 23 dresses. It took hours! Crystal and I have been shopping a lot in the past few years and 23 dresses isn't even her highest number of dresses she picked out in 1 day!! The highest score was 42. I'm finally home! Yay! "Ughh!" I say as I lay on the couch, exhausted. I look at my phone. It's 6:43. I go to the kitchen to eat dinner and notice Rosie is there. How long has she been there? "Hey Rosie. What's up?" I ask. "Nothing." she answers. I know Rosie very well and when she answers 'nothing', something is up. "What happened?" I ask as I sit down. "Sofie was mean to me again. She ignored me all day and got a new best friend." Rosie answered quickly. "Don't worry. Don't wait for her to be your best friend again. Get a new one or hang with someone else. Soon, she will be begging to be your best friend again." I answered. "Really?" Rosie asked, looking up at me. "Really" I answer. "Can I get a makeover?" Rosie asked. "No. Why?" I asked. "You owe me for leaving me alone" she answered with a smirk across her face. "Fine" I groaned and took her to my room. I put on the eye shadow while Crystal put on the blush. I bet you're asking right now 'How do you know just what to say?'. Acually, I also lost my best friend before I met Crystal. I will never forget her...

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