Gotta Be You <3

Kateline is a regular 17 year old girl. She has problems,crushes,blah,blah,blah. Suddently, 5 guys are new to her school. They cause a big problem and it involves Kateline. She realizes her life is Not A Fairytale.


47. Talk With Harry

Louis's P.O.V. Harry and I went into the corner to talk in private. &quot;I thought you liked Kateline,&quot; Harry told me. &quot;Yeah. I still do&quot; I whispered. &quot;If you do, why are you flirting with Ashley?&quot; Harry whispered back. &quot;I'm not flirting with Ashley. 'Ashley' is Kateline, Hazza&quot; I whispered. &quot;What?&quot; Harry asked. &quot;It's true. Ask her&quot; I explained. He walked over to Kateline and asked her &quot;Are you Kateline?&quot; She looked at me an I nodded. &quot;Yes&quot; she whispered. `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Hey guys! Sorry its so short! Ive been reallyu busy and I couldn't update before. Im trying hard to update all my books so im sorry
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