Gotta Be You <3

Kateline is a regular 17 year old girl. She has problems,crushes,blah,blah,blah. Suddently, 5 guys are new to her school. They cause a big problem and it involves Kateline. She realizes her life is Not A Fairytale.


41. New Costume

  Kateline's P.O.V.

 I NEED A NEW COSTUME!!! I walked to my closet and took out a box marked HALLOWEEN. Perfect! I opened the box and took out a blonde wig. I also found these eye contact thingies that make your eyes look blue. I have other colors but blondes have blue eyes so ya. Now, I need to finish, my homework.

~~Some Time Later~~

 Done! Most of it was review so it was pretty easy! I looked in my closet until I found what I was looking for. A  plain white miniskirt and a tight-ish pink shirt that hangs off one shoulder with a silver butterfly in the middle. An outfit I told my mom I will never wear. I took out my pink pumps (also something I will never wear but I'm not 'me' anymore) and put everything on. Since I haven't wore high heels in YEARS, I need to practice so I don't fall on my face at school. I know I wore them to the party but I changed into my flats in the car. (Shhh! Don't tell Crystal!) I walked to the other side of my room, slowly. This is hard. Okay, made it. Now, walk normally. Okay, doing good. BAM! FELL ON MY FACE!! Got up. Tried again. FAIL! AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! This is NOT gonna work!

~~Few Hours Later~~

AHA!! FINALLY! I CAN WALK WITHOUT FALLING ON MY FACE!! Now I gotta sleep! Its like almost midnight....Yeah I'm that bad at walking in heels.

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