Gotta Be You <3

Kateline is a regular 17 year old girl. She has problems,crushes,blah,blah,blah. Suddently, 5 guys are new to her school. They cause a big problem and it involves Kateline. She realizes her life is Not A Fairytale.


21. Incident

 * Kateline's P.O.V.

I'm at the party. It looks so fun! As soon as Crystal and I come in, a cute boy with brown hair asks Crystal to dance. I nod my head showing her its okay.  After Crystal and the boy leaves, I go over to the punch table. I take a drink and throw my plastic cup away. "No! Niall! Come back here!" I hear someone yell. I turn around and see a black-haired boy chasing a blond-haired boy. The blond-haired boy had cake in his hands. Suddenly, the blond boy tripped over a wire and fell. The cake went flying.

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