I'm not normal your not normal and someone wants to kill me

I'm Alice. Alice Harp. And this is my story.I'm in love (and you're thinking"so?")
But it hard to life my life, trying to live normal, when people what me dead. I'm about to something that they won't like. And now my death is waiting around the conner for me. I'm going to start from the beinning. But I'm only 16. Aren't I too young to die?


4. The story.

Grace has been learning more about magic than she though was possiable. But she wanted to know something else as well. Sitting on the forest floor, "Hey, Diamond?"


"Why did you leave?"

"Thats along story but I'll tell you anyways, on one monday I had just turned 5 and you were 4, I asked dad why we could do magic, he said that we need proper training. I asked why. And he just walked out the door. And came back he gave me to Anut M. So when I was there she told me about why I couldn't use my magic. She said, that I'm too powerful, so are you. Thats why Grandma whats us dead we have the most powerful magic in the world if she kills us she can take that magic. Anut M helped me with my magic. We would what you move school to school change name to name. We watched as the people who wanted you and me dead could only find you not me. And when I turned 13 Anut M died so I got ready for you to come here and meet met me. I couldn't wait. I helped that lighting that hit the tree when you and Seth were fighting. I stopped the lighting from hitting him, so it hit the tree. I stopped about 22 people kill you every month. When I saw that dude who brough you here was on our side I told him to bring you here. It worked. Once I told him the real truth about Grandma. He help us. I helped you. You helped me, with out know it. "When you got mad and used your magic it would stop them from finding me and as they went to find you I killed them. We are only still alive because of each other." They were both crying. Then the school bell rang. But no one moved. The only thing that did was the wolf with the dead human hanging from it's teeth. It stopped and looked at Grace and Diamond. But they weren't afarid they were smiling the wolf wouldn't hurt them, would it? Grace stood up. Walked up to the wolf and stroked it's long black hair. It's eye glisened. The wolf walked off. And came back with food on it's back. Diamond and Grace laughed. "It's OK, Zayn I know it's you." Grace said, everyone stared at her, then the wolf turned from wolf to man. Diamond gasped. Grace laughed. "Thanks for saving us wolfboy."

"How did you know?"

"I know my Zayn anywhere."

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