A little girl snatched from her home. Tortured and Beaten this girl is lost. But when her kidnapper dies in a fight all she can do is run. Who will save her in time before the kidnappers son kills her?


1. help

Hey Guys, this is my first book so i hope you like it. This is a short first chapter as i am writin this at school and its the end of my lesson so i'll update tonight. 5 votes for the next chapter and please leave your comments as well. bye xx


The Past

Mummy used to say, "Always keep a brave face on", but mummy isnt here now. She was killed by a madman, i think. Thats why i live in a care home. No friends, and no family. All i have is a little, brown teddy bear which i call Ben. Benjamin to be exact. The exact same name as my kidnapper. This is my story. My life.

I was only 4 when i was kidnapped, so i didnt fight or anything. A man just took my hand and took me to his car.I thouht he was my daddy. He took me out for ice cream and gave me tea and took me to this amazing house. I forgot all about mummy for a few minutes. Then i wanted to go home. I started crying and whining that i wanted mummy, so to shut me up the man hit me. Then he hit me again, and again, and again. It made me cry even more and then he hit me so hard i blacked out.

Now aftere being with this Benjamin guy for what seems like years, im kinda used to it. Now im 6 and i feel stronger. i have cuts and bruises over every inch of my body. They are mainly because i have attempted to escape and he has always caught me, then beat me, then raped me. Its a simple rule. Escape and your dead meat. 

Present day

The next night I attempt escaping again, using dirty bed sheets and old pieces of string to create a rope. I dangle it out the window and then tie it onto a latch nearby the bed.

'tut, tut, tut' goes a voice behind me.

I turn around and stare into the lifeless eyes of my kidnappers son.

'Well, you thought you could escape. WELL YOUR NOT!!!, he shouted at me causing his dad to come into the room.

Oh no, I think in my head and gulp. I stare down at my feet and prepare for the worst. 

'Get out of this room and stand in the shed!, I will be down very soon!' He said in my ear causing me to flinch.


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