A little girl snatched from her home. Tortured and Beaten this girl is lost. But when her kidnapper dies in a fight all she can do is run. Who will save her in time before the kidnappers son kills her?


2. chapter two

Hey guys! I updated considering i only got 2 votes last night but i don't really care. Remember please vote and leave your comments in the box to say whether i should continue. Happy reading!


By the time I had reached the shed i had already started crying. I was worried he was going to punish me with the cane or even worse, the baton, which in my opinion is really painfull. I sat down on the end of the bed and put my head into my hands. I heard faint footsteps in the distance but i made no attempt to move.

'Stand Up!' he yelled causing me to flinch.

'Yes Sir' i replied trying not to break the rules which i have done in the past, for example, running away or hitting him.

'Now', he screamed again and this time i stood upi only to be greeted by the sharp sting of pain right on top of my scar just above my sholder blade.

I started to cry which only caused him to hit me harder, but before i suffered any more pain i passed out.


I awoke to find my self lying on my bed with my hands and feet tied to the posts. I attempted to snap the ropes apart but before i could even leave a single mark on it, Benjamin's son walked in.

'Well, well what do we have here? Isn't it wonderful that we can do this everytime you escape', he said searched for some sign of fear on my face. 'This won't hurt a bit, I don't think?'

And that was when he started to rape me.

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